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We have lost the aim of life…

In this series, brief and heart to heart writings are going to be used. You can send us your brief and moving heart to heart writings to be used…

 “In my opinion, to live as getting up in the morning, doing some repetitious actions, sleeping at night and continuing this way is the same as animals’ lives, we should ponder how effective we are in this world. Some of us come to that we should serve Allah: “I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me.”

Those who come this far, have passed this animal stage and are humans but unfortunately most of people stay here. We should go further. Serving without knowing Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is worthless, that is why one of the duties of the awaiting people is to know Imam Mahdi (PBUH).”  

(Professor Raefipoor, Hashtgerd, 26 May 2017)

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The barriers of the Occultation

My master, we call you in our meetings and on our streets to return! But we are unaware that you’re not the one who should return! It’s us who should return to ourselves!

O dear master, we want you to hear us and take a short glance at us! But we have forgotten that you are an observer of our activities and twice a week you become aware of what we do.

We implore you to tell us about your location so we promptly sacrifice ourselves at your feet! But I don’t know why we can’t sacrifice our wishes for your Reappearance! Aren’t you our beloved and don’t we constantly ask for your Reappearance? Then why what you want is grave, hard and impossible for us?

All of us are after those who have visited you, but we have forgotten that you may pass us every moment. O Imam Mahdi, all of us wish we could see you and say hello to you. But we have forgotten that anywhere we say hello to you, you will answer us.

We even forget to say hello to each other in alleys and streets! Maybe the one we passed by slowly… O Flower of Narcissus … I don’t know what happened. We have missed this much the scent of daffodil (you). You pray. Perhaps we return because of the sake of your prayers. I wanted to talk about the barriers! But the barriers of the Occultation took away other barriers from my mind…



O Imam, Dear Mahdi salute you!

Dear master, I know we’re late, I know you are still waiting for us to come, I know with all these talking about awaiting for you, we still don't know the basis of it … but you… but you still hope in us, the people of the time.

Dear master… it's been years you have been beside us and passed us quietly in our alleys and streets. It's been years you are praying for us and you are the cause of mercy and blessings of the heaven upon us…

OImam Mahdi (PBUH)… But what we, the people of world, have done with our master and Imam?! Was not we, the people who distressed you by our sins and prolonged your Occultation time? We are those who have lost our peace but didn't truly start searching for it… We are those the ones who spent time under your protection, but didn't take any step to remove the mask of the Occultation from your pleasant face…

I know all what we said were nothing but pretension… but with all of our neglects and pretension, with all of unkindness and cruelties we have done to you, it is still harsh for us to see you but not recognize you, it is harsh for us to hear everyone but not hear your pleasant voice… it is harsh for us that the enemy mocks us and denies the truth of your existence… O peace of sky and all on earth, shine on us…



Buddies, let’s be intimate with Imam Mahdi (PBUH)…

Are we intimate with Imam Mahdi (PBUH)? Who is intimate? The one who lives nearer? Sometimes there are long distances but thoughts and actions are close. If it is so, we are intimate. Uwais al-Qarani was intimate with Prophet Muhamad (PBUH). Intimate means familiar, companion, close friend... Are my eyes, ears and tongue intimate?

The fake claim sought to come to witness the mystery of the world; The unseen hand came, and kept his undeserving plea away.

Once a group of people asked Imam Sajjad (PBUH) to rise against the government of that time. Imam said: “Which one of you can hold fire in his hand and endure till it’s cool without taking help from others.” Imam Baqir (PBUH) showed readiness for this action. His father, Imam Sajjad (PBUH), said: “I didn’t mean you…” (you are family and one of close friends). ( Az Furat ta Furat (From Furat to Furat), p. 14)

In simple words: when a baby is going to come into the world, those who are close to the baby try harder to make preparations for the baby to come into this world. They prepare the baby’s room and stuff, supplying clothing, shoes and hat, and ... . Let’s clean up our homes, our hearts, our streets, our business…



What would we do if we were Kufics? What reasons made Kufics avoid helping their Imam and stand against him? There are numerous reasons: One of them is attachment to the world: attachment to business,

offspring, money, home, car and … These are barriers of helping Imam Mahdi (PBUH).

When Imam Mahdi (PBUH) comes and says: “Go and fight”, if you had attachment, you would hesitate. You can’t proceed. Unlike martyrs.

Martyr Ahmad Kazemi says: “Martyr Hussain Kharrazi came to me and said: “I will martyr in this mission.” I asked: “How do you know? Do you have foreknowledge?” He said: “No, but I’m sure. It was some previous mission that a mortar hit the ground beside me. I went up to heaven and saw an angel writing down the names of martyrs. She was reading the names and telling them to enter.”

As she came to my name, she asked me: “Are you ready to be martyred and go to Paradise?” I looked down at the Erath momentarily and answered: “It would be nice to go back and see my wife and child one more time.” As it came to my mind, I fell down. When I became conscious, I found myself in a hospital and my hand was cut off. But now I don’t have any attachment. This time I would not look down if I go up.” ” Sometimes we come up short of religion because of our attachments.



Working For Imam Mahdi (PBUH)

Assume there is a poor person living next to a rich man. Actually they are neighbors that one of them is rich and the other one is poor. The poor one buys bread for his rich neighbor too as he daily buys bread for himself. What do you think will happen after a while? The rich neighbor will think that it's my turn to return the favor. And how generous he is to do so…

I don't know about you, but I myself have tried it, by doing these small things and offering them to Imam Mahdi (PBUH)… by these salutations… by writing these small texts… offering charities… It's

interesting that my problems solve easily and conveniently… I feel Imam Mahdi's (PBUH) existence in solving my problems… Try it, it won't cause any loss…

(Professor Ali Akbar RaefiPour )



A true awaiting person:

1- “Is not a self-loving person”: The Mohammad ibn Bashir’s son was held captive by the infidels during the month of Muharram. Once Imam Hussein (PBUH) was notified, he asked Mohammad ibn Bashir to go and give them a gift or some money in order to release his son. Nonetheless, Mohammad said, “Even if fierce animals of the desert eat me alive, I would not do this. My son is trapped, let him be; (Is my son more important than you?!”) (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 44)

2- “is not money slave”: A soap-seller man was very eager to meet Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Eventually, it was arranged for him to visit the Imam by one of the righteous men. It started raining on the way and he got concerned about his soaps being wasted. Once they arrived, Imam said return him since he is indeed a soap-seller man.

3- “is meticulous in his job”: like the story of the old  locksmith man…

4- “is not effortless to help the Reappearance of his Imam”; since  best of the deeds  is actively awaiting the Reappearance.

5- “prays a lot for the Reappearance of his Imam”



Alas of friends… Alas...!

Imam Ali (PBUH) said: “How long should I compromise with you (Kufics)? Just like compromising with young camels whose backs are hurt due to heavy load and like patching worn-out clothes which every

time stitched on one side, it will tear on the other side! Whenever a group of the army of Syria (the army of Muawiyah) attacks you, each one of you go back to home and shut the door and crawl in his hole like a lizard and sleep like a hyena in its den!!”

(Nahj Al-balagha, Sermon 69)

I suppose you have noticed Imam's tone too… It's lonely indeed… He linked useless people once to “weak camels” [the one who escapes from duty] and once to “worn-out clothes” [the one who is useless and broken-down]! Heaven forbid we are this way for our Imam…

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Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is not coming to kill the believers and common people who are non-believers…

The scholar Ali Reza Panahian:

Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is not coming to kill the believers and common people who are non-believers. He is not also coming to kill the sinful people. Even many sinful people will become pious after his Reappearance. There are rules and regulations for killing! He`s not even supposed to kill some of those sinful people who will not be going to be pious after his Reappearance.

Yes, the sword (usage of power) must not be eliminated from the reformist operations of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Because, the arrogant does not listen to anything except sword and power… “The sword of the justice” is considered to be a basic principle for the security of society since the arrogant tribe does not pay respect unless being forced. This is the only way that a society can have the perfect peace.

(A folksy, wisely, gnostic anticipation, page 30)



Nobody told me…

Why are you sitting when hearing that beautiful name which reminds the rise…

And I… so many times have heard of you and didn't move (react)…

They didn't tell me

Imam Sadiq (PBUH) used to stand up when he ever heard your beautiful name…

That pure heart scholar, Ayatollah Safi, when everyone stood up in a session, he made excuse that “I am old and my feet are not strong enough enabling me to stand up, excuse me”, but after a while when the host mentioned your blessed name, he stood up with a lot of difficulties while many people were still sitting just like me in negligence…

Yes! He didnt tell himself that “Sit down while everyone else is seated”! Perhaps; he knew well that how a person wants to be an “Awaiting Person” for you, while he/she would not bother himself/herself to stand up?! Being an “Awaiting Person” is equal to “Not staying standstill” and thats all...

A “passive” awaiting person for the Reappearance is not actually awaiting for the Reappearance.

And the awaiting people for “Qa’im” (Imam Mahdi) are ready and active to rise.

We are ready, O the Riser from Mohammad’s (PBUH) descendants

(Nobody told me, p56)


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