{Mahdism examples - No. 11-20}



New technology…

Professor Gharaati says: “Some people ask: “What does Imam Mahdi (A.S) do with this modern technology?” [For example,] say what did Imam Khomeini do? All pilots who were trained in the USA during Shah’s rein came and accompanied Imam Khomeini with all their skills.”

After the Reappearance: 1- Some discoveries will be made with his commands. 2- Some inventors who will accompany Imam Mahdi (A.S) with their expertise or will use Imam Mahdi’s (A.S) expertise and knowledge. 3- People’s intellectual level will promote. 4- There will be hidden helps and …

"Tamthilat Mahdavi” p.100


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Which one is more important?!?!

If a train wants to reach its destination, the existence of some items are essential  including wagons, rails, fuel, locomotives, train driver and lack of obstacles on the rails[such as rocks and other obstacles]. Some trains also use smoke and whistles that are the signs of getting closer to the destination.

Smoke and whistles are like “The signs” of the Reappearance, but the train’s “condition” of reaching to its destination is the existence of wagons, rails, fuel, locomotives and such things!

We have to know “The imminent signs of the Reappearance", but why have some of us just been looking for signs instead of making the “conditions of the Reappearance"[the existence of altruistic followers]? Does the train come up with making smoke and whistles?



"A big Pacifier" to hush people

Human beings naturally need a united government and integrated organization, which advocates human 

rights; humans know that cruelty is bad and the planet must have a "good manager"!

The United Nations proclaims that it will create security we want. Superpowers know people need 

"global security", so they have made "the Security Council and the United Nations".

"The Security Council and the United Nations" are loose pacifiers that superpowers have made and put 

them in our mouths, so that humans’ "true need" to security be saturated for false!

The Islamic Awakening = the Reappearance password



A horse without a rider!

When a horse without owner and horseman enters people’s farm, it roams everywhere it wants. However, 

the horse with owner can be controlled by the horseman who has its rein, so it does not go to deviated path. 

Nowadays, world powers are like the horses without riders. In fact, they are more dangerous than every animal because they have power and force and there is no control over them.

Prophets and Imams have come to help people dominate their passion and lust. Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is 

the last one of this luminous dynasty. He is our lord. In fact, if we are obedient, we can control our 

passion and lust. Therefore, the lust does not annoy us.



Like the pleasant smell of a perfume, like a bright moon

The Prophet of Islam in describing believers and lovers of Imam Mahdi says: “Blessed is a person who believes in him (Mahdi). God will save them from destruction and open heaven to them because of confessing to him and the Messenger of Allah and all the Imams. On the earth, they are like "musk (scented substance)" that will be dispersed and never will change and also they are like a "bright moon" that their light never diminishes.”

Kamal al-Din and Tamam al-Nimeh, vol.1, chapter.24



The classroom

Two things can be seen in a “classroom": the “teacher" and the "book". If a student has a book, but no teacher, he doesn’t understand the lesson. Also, if there is a teacher but no book, the teacher can’t teach very well!

The Quran is the textbook of Muslims and Ahl al-Bayt (Peace Be Upon Them) are the teachers of this book. God willing, with the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), the teacher will come back to the class and training programs will be all unified, and then we will experience improvements more and better...



Flash drives and computers

"Imamate in the childhood"

Mr. Gharaati: 

“Consider a flash drive, a metal that does not have more than one centimeter in one centimeter size, when connected to a computer, a lot of information can be transferred to it and you can even store the information of a library in it.

Now, if someone asks that how Imam Mahdi (PBUH) became Imam in his childhood, we say that a flash drive, which is human made, can receive and store a lot of information as soon as it is connected to a device. Now, can’t God transfer knowledge from an Imam to his son?



Like a sea

The story of our life and Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is like the story of a hole in the vicinity of a sea, {although the hole should not consider itself to be great}.

If it is not connected to the sea (even through a narrow path), consequently, it wouldn’t find a way to the flow of water and a drop of unclean material will make the water unclean. You and I can be clean and pure if we are connected to the sea. The water of this sea is purified (by God) and he can also purify everybody and this is exactly the example of the Quran’s verse: “And to make you pure and spotless.” [Quarn, Surah 33, verse 33].

So don’t allow your connection to be disconnected with the sea even for a second.



The brain and the hand

Our hands do what our brains command.

To define the “Role and Position of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) in relation to God”, we should say that it is like the relation of hands and the brain. The hands do what the brain orders and they don’t disobey it; for instance the brain commands the hands to throw themselves out to protect the eyes in case something is thrown to one’s eyes and sacrifice themselves for the eyes.

The hands do not reason as why to do so while they get hurt in order to save the eyes.

The hands are totally obedient.

This is how one becomes the “Hands, eyes and ears of Allah”.

Imam Mahdi (PBUH) says: “Our hearts are the container of Divine Will, and when God desires something, we will want it, too.”

This means their wills are within God’s will.




Hujjat al-Islam Qeraati:

Imam Mahdi is the cause of mercy and blessing. Just as a lamp cannot be directly connected to a powerhouse, and needs a transformer, we also cannot achieve the blessing of God except by an intermediate cause and that cause is Imam Mahdi.

Because of his blessings other human beings are blessed.

Mahdism allegories, page 82, Doaye Adlieh




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