{Introducing Mahdavi Books - No. 11-16}



The book of “Mahdism textbook”

The book of “Mahdism textbook”, by Khodamorad Soleimanian, is the study of Mahdism and the belief in the coming of the universal savior from the time of its formation to the beginning of the Imamate of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), and an analysis of his Occultation based on the Quran, the narrations, the prayers, the supplications, and his Twqi'es (epistle) that is written in Farsi by the order of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) Educational Organization in four volumes.

This book is usually taught in the complimentary Mahdism courses carried out by Imam Mahdi (PBUH) Educational Organization. It’s easy to understand and all the aspects of Mahdism subjects are stated as well.

Its main topics include the philosophy and reasons of the Occultation, the profits of the absent Imam, the Minor Occultation and the Special Deputies, being in relationship with Imam Mahdi (PBUH) during the Occultation, his residency place, his wife and children, deviance from Mahdism, awaiting in the view of Shia, the Major Occultation and the General Deputies, the duties of the awaiting people and Mahdism bibliography.


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The book of “Hokumat e Jahani e Mahdi (The Global Government of Mahdi)”

This book is written by grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi. He has pointed to the questions raised in the field of government of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Further he tries to give a proper answer to the questions far from any prejudice, bigotry and irrational prejudgments.

The author, has divided the contents into two sections; namely, the global governance of Imam Mahdi and the procedure of his victory. And within these two sections, he answers the doubts and questions, like: why the future of the world is bright? Why human is so hopeful to the future despite the miseries and many problems? And also in the final section of the book, he speaks about false pretenders of Mahdism.



The Book named “Sahifah of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)”

This book is written by Sayed Mortaza Mojtahedy and is translated by Mohammad Hussein Rahimian. This book contains Namaz and Doas (Prayers) and Ziarat (Pilgrimage Prayers) which have reached us through  Imam Mahdi (PBUH) or have been quoted for him. It has 12 chapters and more than 450 Namaz ,Doas, Ziarat and...

The topics which are described in this book are:

1st chapter: Prayers containing 17 (daily) prayers,

2nd chapter: Dua for Qunut containing 12 Duas,

3rd chapter: Ta’qibat which is Dua for after (daily) Prayers,

4th chapter: Dua of each day of the week comprising of 12 Duas,

5th chapter: Dua for each month; containing 16 Duas

6th chapter: Daily Duas , comprising of around 40 Duas,

7th chapter: Dua for Tawassul including 9 Tawassuls,

8th chapter: Arizah (petitions), containing 3 Arizahs,

9th chapter: Estekharah (consulting the Holy Quran) containing 8 Estekharahs,

10th chapter: The Duas narrated from Imam Mahdi (PBUH), containing 8 Duas,

 11th chapter: Ziyarat (Pilgrimage Dua), including 17 Ziyarat,

12th chapter: Ziyarat and Duas from the deputies of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and his companions.



The book of “Dawla Karime Imam Zaman (The merciful government of Imam Mahdi)”

The book of “Merciful Government of Imam Mahdi” that has interesting subjects about flourishing the wisdom and thoughts, the advancement of science and insight, economic growth in the world and many other important and novel points, is written by Seyed Morteza Mojtahedi Sistani and published by Almas publications.

This book includes 8 sections with contents in justice with 14 subsections, judgment with 11 subsections, economic growth with 8 subsections, evolution of minds and thoughts with 20 subsections, spiritual evolution with 12 subsections and evolution of science and culture with 40 subsections.



The book of The Keywords of Mahdism Verses in Quran

This book is the newest work in this field which has been written by one of the scholars in the area of Mahdism. The author of this book is Seyyed Mohammad Ja’far Rouzati and it is published by Atr-e Etrat publication.

The author, who is from the noble descendants of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), has been assisting Ayatollah Bahr al-Olom Mirdamadi and has been one of the hardworking and active staff in The Universal Center of Wali al-Asr (Imam Mahdi (PBUH)), since its establishment.

Using many resources including the specialized library, the author has written the book of “The Keywords for Mahdavi Verses in The Quran” with creativity and innovation; he has put a conventional title for each verse and a code, as well. The code represents the number of the Sura and number of the verse in the Sura.

In interpretation of each verse, he has mentioned either one or several Hadiths from original sources, and then form other interpretative or narrative sources. The author has mentioned the entire text of each Hadith and then its translation. This book is published along with its mobile app CD.



The book of “Dar al-Salam”

Mentioned two times in the Quran, “Dar al-Salam” is a term meaning the place of peace, security and health. Both Shia and Sunni interpreters believe this term to mean the heaven.

This book is a valuable piece and such a precious legacy. It covers Mahdism topics such as, Imam Mahdi (PBUH), the duty of the awaiting people, the Minor and the Major Occultation, and associated topics. It has been authored by an outstanding scholar and a pious erudite out of sincerity. The author is departed “Allama Mahmood Maythami Iraqi”, the son of Ja’far ibn Baqir ibn Qasim, one of the descendants of “Maytham Tammar”, the famous companion of Imam Ali (PBUH). Obviously affection for Imam Ali (PBUH) and his descendants was handed down to him from his honorable ancestor.

What is acquired by the reader of the book is that the author has initially intended to report those who had visited Imam Mahdi (PBUH) while awake or in a revelation. Some reports of the book are mentioned for the first time. There are numerous visitations which the author has heard from trustworthy and reliable narrators and has collected them in his book. The other point is that the author wasn’t satisfied only with the sayings and hearings. Rather, he has heard himself the original account from the blessed ones who experienced it or he has asked them in writing.




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