{The novel “Edmund” by Ameneh Pazuki}



A fairly strong wind has begun to blow since an hour ago, the wind was howling frighteningly through the cold and silent atmosphere, he found himself alone on a dark and horrendous road, as if he had been lost…

The smell of blood was coming from the sides of this endless road that could hardly be detected by eye, he opened and closed his eyes constantly, perhaps he could see something. His tears were flowing freely and he felt his body is not capable of dealing with all these calamities, looking for someone, he was wandering around in the dark.

He kneed before one of the corpses, he was trying to clean the bloods on his face but his hands were too cold, he was sure that’s her, embrace him tight. The sound of his crying break deadly silence, he was yelling a name which wasn’t familiar to him till that moment. He was hopelessly and helplessly kneeing on the cold and damp ground when a ray of light shone from far away.

He was scared, but also shocked! He was whispering the name of Jesus and God, his breath was numbered, a moment later, he noticed that a hand is extended to him, the same shining man, “is he Jesus?”, he said to himself. He felt a deep affection for him in his heart, extend his arm to him involuntarily… And he got woken up by the sound of the window…

(The novel “Edmund” by Ameneh Pazuki)

Stay with Edmund so new and fascinating dimensions of this strange life become clear…


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A growing sense of frustration and rejection had been developed in Edmond, a pent-up anger that was piercing his heart and voiding him of any feelings, nevertheless, he was trying to get control over himself. Both of them entered the parking lot drowned in their thoughts. Edmond was suppressing his anger, but he was feeling his heart and brain were exploding. He was angry at himself not anyone else. Maybe he have felt a glow of pride and this torture he was going through was a result of his own sin…

Arthur was getting into the car when suddenly shouted: “Jesus Christ! What’s going on there? Look, Ed!” They got out of the car involuntarily and got there in a flash. Some male students had attacked a young, veiled girl and were beating her. For a few moments everybody went quiet. They recognized the young and adroit lawyers of the university and were then terrified of the consequences of their action.

Without saying a word, the attackers started to flee. Edmond hadn’t still got control over himself until then. While Arthur was trying to help the girl and pick her up, shouted at Edmond: “Ed, come and help”… and it just began for Edmond. Because as soon as he caught sight of that girl, his heart lurched. He lost his train of thoughts by the sound of Arthur’s shout; “Ed! What the hell is wrong with you? Why have you frozen? This poor thing is dying, come on and help, damn it.” Edmond was still standing immobile and his eyes were fixed on that girl…

(The novel Edmond authored by Ameneh Pazouki)



It was two weeks after that strange event and life went back to normal a little bit. The neighborhood church was not much crowded on the cold and rainy Sunday, and even this few number of people were dispersing. Edmund was sitting alone on a bench and looking at the sculptures of the crucified Christ. He was not in the mood to go back home, a deadly feeling of loneliness had gripped him, an unprecedented experience of isolation and avoidance.

He remembered that girl during the day, from time to time. He was not able to think about that day and that event. The dominant feeling of fear and anxiety of his dreams overcome him as he remembered her bloody face. She was the same girl, the same sparkling bright eyes looking at him, even when they were barely open! It was the same but he couldn't understand the commonality between the two of them.

Dear Edmund, how are you son? His thoughts distracted, turned back and saw Father Phillip placing his hand on his shoulder and pressed sincerity. He tried to stand up but Father stopped him and sat next to him…

(The novel “Edmund” by Ameneh Pazuki)



… That night, standing on London Bridge, he took an important decision and came home hastily. He ran up the stairs and as he entered his apartment, ran to his workroom, sat behind his desk and wrote a letter:

 “Dear Elizabeth; when you’re reading this letter, everything is over between you and me. As far as I know, deep your heart, you’re not interested in continuing this relationship too. So, it’s better to get separated as soon as possible and stop holding each other back. Our happy life together was too short and passed too quickly. Perhaps we rushed to be together in the first place and admitted each other without enough thoughts while we were quite different from each other.

I send you our engagement ring with this letter as a sign of the end of our relationship. By the way, don’t worry about the money you’ve borrowed from me, there is no need to give it back. I hope you will have a better life.” …

(The novel “Edmund” by Ameneh Pazuki)

Stay with Edmund so new and fascinating dimensions of this strange life become clear…





During the flight, Arthur was continuously day dreaming about having fun and enjoying the long soiree in Hamburg, telling all his plans to Edmond. Unlike Arthur, Edmond was not interested in

these kinds of vulgar entertainments. As this conversation was not attractive for him, Edmond was just carelessly nodding with a smile and listening to Arthur’s words superficially while he was indulged in his inside thoughts. After a talkative speech of Arthur, Edmond said;

 “My dear Arthur, instead of thinking all about having fun and finding a famous club for entertainment, isn’t it better to  think of how to make this girl talk?!”

Arthur looked at his friend in a sulky way and said: “I have never seen a more boring person than you! Tell me what your problem is man? I told you the other day that ‘Leave it to me how to make that girl talk’. Then why you tell me all these nonsense?”

- “What are you saying buddy?! We came on this trip in order to find Cousin Logan. But you are planning all these unnecessary stuff!”

-You idiot, you do not understand this stuff. You are workaholic and always with your books. You don’t think of anything else. Live the life. How many years are we going to live? You must enjoy every moment of this life!

(The novel “Edmund” by Ameneh Pazouki )

Stay with Edmund so new and fascinating dimensions of this strange life become clear…


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