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The words of scholars - The third series

Consider the Reappearance as near

Regarding Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and his Reappearance, one of the important duties which should be taken into account by noble companions and believers is considering the Reappearance as near.  In our narrations, under different titles, Ahl-al-Bayt have recommneded us to consider the Reappearance as near. It means that if a night passes, don’t say he won’t come till the next night, but he may come the next morning.

(Hojjat al-Islam Masoud Aali- The Reappearance Signs and the the Duties of the Awaiting People. “Samt-eh Khoda” Tv program)


At the Apocalypse, the main problem is the good people; not pagans

At the Apocalypse, the main problem is good people; not pagans and bad people. As an example, there is no narration saying: “The Reappearance is postponed because numerous sin centres are built!” Or another narration saying: “Pagans have many destructive atomic weapons, so Imam won’t reappear for the fear that they drop these bombs on Muslims.”

According to Imam Baqir (PBUH) some of scholars want to issue a death sentence for the Imam, but they can’t! (And if it weren’t for the sword in his hand, the scholars would have issued fatwas to kill him; Ayatollah Bahjat’s website, Note 2148 and Sharh Usul Al-Kafi/1/563)

This is all about “Good people should be pure and refined” The problem is that we are impurities, this should be fixed.

(Hujjat al-Islam Panahian- Ayatollah Haghshenas Hosseynieh 1395/07/15)


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Imam Mahdi in the Quran - The third series

The descriptions of the companions of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) in the Quran

O ye who believe! if any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He will love as they will love Him,- lowly with the believers, mighty against the rejecters, fighting in the way of Allah, and never afraid of the reproaches of such as find fault. That is the grace of Allah, which He will bestow on whom He pleaseth. And Allah encompasseth all, and He knoweth all things. [The Quarn, Surah 5, verse 54]. (The same concept is availbale in Surah 6, verse 89)

It is narrated that the above verse is revealed about Imam Mahdi (PBUH)…

(Al-Burhan Fi Tafsir al-Quran, vol. 2, p. 315

Al-Ghayba al-Nu'mani, p. 316)


The Rising of Sufyani is inevitable

He it is created you from clay, and then decreed a stated term (for you). And there is in His presence another determined term; yet ye doubt within yourselves! [The Quran, Surah 6, Verse 2]

Imam Baqir (PBUH) said about this verse “There are two types of terms; inevitable and pending”, Humran ibn A'ayan said: “I hope that the term of Sufyani is of the pending ones. Imam said: “No, By Allah, it is of the inevitable ones.”

(Keyword of Mahdism verses, Rouzati, p. 125

Al-Ghayba al-Nu'mani, p.301)


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The Merciful Government of Imam Mahdi - The third series

People’s attaining the maximum human perfection

The Prophet of Islam said:

“By Imam Mahdi (PBUH), God will eliminate all the problems of the nations, fill people’s hearts with worshipping and obedience and his justice will rule everywhere. God will ruin lies and deception as well as the spirit of aggression and savagery, and also He will free them from slavery.”

(Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 51, p. 75)


A world filled with affluence, comfort and happiness

The Holy Prophet said: “Allah will water the earth with His merciful rain, the earth will bring forth its plants, cattle will increase, the Islamic ummah (nation) will become great and magnificent, the Islamic ummah will have such a wealth at his time that has never been seen before … at that time (even) the birds in their nests and the fishes in deep seas will be delighted and fountains will overflow and the ground will yield many times its crops.

(Montakhab Al- Athar, p. 473, Yanabi' Al-Mawaddah, vol. 3)


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Acquainting oneself with the Imam of each era - The third series

The Imams’ predictions of deviations in Mahdism

Regarding the importance of Mahdism, the infallible Imams knew that there would be some frauds who will have invalid claims. Thus, we have recieved hundreds of bright narrations from them as a valuable heritage; showing that he will come, a man from Prophet’s household, from Fatimah’s generation, from Hussain ibn Ali’s children… as an example:

Qatada ibn Said once asked: “Is Mahdi (PBUH) real?” another answered: “Yes, he is real”. I asked: “What family is he from?” he said: “From Quraysh.” I asked: “From which branch”; he said: “Bani Hashim.” I asked: “From which group”; he said: “From Abdulmutallab’s children”. I asked: “From which children of him?” he said: “From Fatimah’s.”

But there are some people who have complicated this subject in different ways; whether forging the narrations to deny the Mahdism doctrines or introducing him from the generation of Abbas, Prophet’s uncle, or considering him as a child of one man named Abdullah, or introducing him from the generation of Imam Hassan (PBUH)…

(Al- Fetan, Nu'aym ibn Hammad, vol. 1, Hadith 1082, Darsname Mahdaviat, vol. 1, lesson 8)


Prophet’s last words to Lady Fatimah…

Abu Saeed Khudri says: “When the messenger of Allah saw his daughter, Fatima, was uneasy in the last moments of his life, said: “… O Fatima! Six traits are given to no one but us, Ahl Al-Bayt:

Our prophet is the best of prophets and he is your father. Our successor is the best of successors and he is your husband. Our martyr is the best of martyrs and he is your father’s uncle, Hamza. Two grandchildren of this ummah (nation) are from us and these two are your sons. “Mahdi” –who Jesus will pray behind him- is from us.” Then he tapped on Hussain’s shoulders and said: “Mahdi, is from him.” The ninth descendant of Hussain…

(Kashf Al-Ghumma, vol. 1, p. 153

The Awaited Mahdi in the Islamic view, p. 137

Kamal Al-Din, Ch. 30, Hadith 3)


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Mahdism miniSermons and heart to heart writings - The second series

The greatest punishment

Once, Allah intended to punish a nation. After a while, they observed no punishment given to them! And the situation is calm... The prophet of the nation asked Allah: “What is the truth?”

It was revealed: “Oh, My prophet! I didn’t know of a punishment as severe as taking the pleasure of praying to Myself out of the heart of the people.  And now, I have made them deal with this punishment and disaster.”

Oh, people! Nowadays, Allah’s greatest punishment and torture is the fact that the “memory of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) has no place in our hearts and people have forgotten their master...”

(Rouz-e Alam Souz (The World-burning Day), p. 284)


He will come…

He, who has a lot of patience, comes. In order to suppress the oppressors, he has Imam Ali’s sword in his hands. He brings the Holy Quran to guide people. He reappears like a shining star in the darkest night and like a high mountain in a scary forest. He comes with Prophet Muhammad’s Quran in his chest, with Imam Ali’s sword in his hands, with Lady Fatimah’s kindness, with Imam Hassan’s patience and Imam Hussein’s bravery.

He is endowed with the features of Prophets and Wilaya. He possesses the characteristics of all the Prophets. He will predominate Islam in the whole world by his Reappearance. His rise is like the Resurrection, eliminating all the sins. His name eliminates all the oppressions. He is ultimately the one who punishes the infidels and finally the efforts and the mission of the prophets will eventuate. All Muslims are waiting for him. Oh Sir! When will you come? Reappear, people laugh at our anticipation.


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Mahdism examples - The second series

New technology…

Professor Gharaati says: “Some people ask: “What does Imam Mahdi (A.S) do with this modern technology?” [For example,] say what did Imam Khomeini do? All pilots who were trained in the USA during Shah’s rein came and accompanied Imam Khomeini with all their skills.”

After the Reappearance: 1- Some discoveries will be made with his commands. 2- Some inventors who will accompany Imam Mahdi (A.S) with their expertise or will use Imam Mahdi’s (A.S) expertise and knowledge. 3- People’s intellectual level will promote. 4- There will be hidden helps and …

"Tamthilat Mahdavi” p.100


Which one is more important?!?!

If a train wants to reach its destination, the existence of some items are essential  including wagons, rails, fuel, locomotives, train driver and lack of obstacles on the rails[such as rocks and other obstacles]. Some trains also use smoke and whistles that are the signs of getting closer to the destination.

Smoke and whistles are like “The signs” of the Reappearance, but the train’s “condition” of reaching to its destination is the existence of wagons, rails, fuel, locomotives and such things!

We have to know “The imminent signs of the Reappearance", but why have some of us just been looking for signs instead of making the “conditions of the Reappearance"[the existence of altruistic followers]? Does the train come up with making smoke and whistles?


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Introducing Mahdavi Books - The second series

The book of “Mahdism textbook”

The book of “Mahdism textbook”, by Khodamorad Soleimanian, is the study of Mahdism and the belief in the coming of the universal savior from the time of its formation to the beginning of the Imamate of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), and an analysis of his Occultation based on the Quran, the narrations, the prayers, the supplications, and his Twqi'es (epistle) that is written in Farsi by the order of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) Educational Organization in four volumes.

This book is usually taught in the complimentary Mahdism courses carried out by Imam Mahdi (PBUH) Educational Organization. It’s easy to understand and all the aspects of Mahdism subjects are stated as well.

Its main topics include the philosophy and reasons of the Occultation, the profits of the absent Imam, the Minor Occultation and the Special Deputies, being in relationship with Imam Mahdi (PBUH) during the Occultation, his residency place, his wife and children, deviance from Mahdism, awaiting in the view of Shia, the Major Occultation and the General Deputies, the duties of the awaiting people and Mahdism bibliography.


The book of “Hokumat e Jahani e Mahdi (The Global Government of Mahdi)”

This book is written by grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi. He has pointed to the questions raised in the field of government of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Further he tries to give a proper answer to the questions far from any prejudice, bigotry and irrational prejudgments.

The author, has divided the contents into two sections; namely, the global governance of Imam Mahdi and the procedure of his victory. And within these two sections, he answers the doubts and questions, like: why the future of the world is bright? Why human is so hopeful to the future despite the miseries and many problems? And also in the final section of the book, he speaks about false pretenders of Mahdism.


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Mahdism Dictionary - The second series

M- The moving creature of the Earth

It refers to the emergence of the moving creature of the Earth. This event has been mentioned both in the Shia and Sunni narrations and it’s referred to as one of the signs of the Day of Judgment. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “Inevitably, ten things will occur before the Day of Judgment: Sufyani, Antichrist, the moving creature and …” *1

What makes this event important to the Shia, are the narrations which refer to “the emergence of the moving creature of the Earth” as the return (Raja’at) of Imam Ali (PBUH). Imam Baqir (PBUH) said: “After describing himself, Imam Ali (PUBH) said: “... I am the moving creature who speaks to people...” ” *2 Among the Sunni Muslims, it has been extensively discussed what the essence of “the moving creature” is and how it emerges.

In conclusion, there are two different interpretations concerning this matter: 1- Some have considered it as an unusual inhuman living thing which looks strange. 2- Referring to numerous narrations, others consider it an extraordinary, moving, agile, active and powerful human.

(1- Al-Ghayba al-Tusi, p. 436; 2- Usul al-Kafi, v. 1, p. 198)


D- The Dajjal (antichrist)

It is of the signs of nearing the great doomsday at the Reappearance era. Dajjal means “gilt” in Arabic and for this reason, liar people who misrepresent the false as truth are called Dajjal. According to the narrations, he is a tyrant that will deviate people from the truth at the Apocalypse. There are mentions about him in the teachings of Christianity, Islam and Jewism. In the Shia narrations, this is known to be coincident with Imam Mahdi’s (PBUH) Reappearance.

There are some possibilities regarding Dajjal:

1- It is not the name of a specific person and every person who plans to mislead people by deception and trick is Dajjal and in fact, it is a group of tricksters. Many of these Dajjals are mentioned in the narrations-about 12 to 70. *1 Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “70 Dajjals would appear before the main Dajjal appears.” *2

2- Among these Dajjals, the one who is superior to the others in lying and deception and his devilry is the greatest, is the sign of Imam Mahdi’s (PBUH) Reappearance. Or in other words, he is the main Dajjal.

One of the impressive and considerable points is that in the numerous Shia and Sunni narrations, most of the followers of Dajjal are Jews. And it is mentioned in the Sunni references that Dajjal will be killed by Prophet Jesus (PBUH).

(1- Bihar al-Anwar, v. 52; 2- Kanz al-Ummal, v. 14 )


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Mahdavi Questions and Answers - The second series

Does Imam Mahdi (PBUH) distribute the properties of the rich, despite their inner will, among the poor at the time of his Reappearance?

Answer: Imam Mahdi’s (God accelerate (the time of) his Reappearance) main goal is to administer justice and to eradicate oppression. Consequently, such a thing is an attribution of injustice to him and definitely, this is not true. Rather, he will return Haram (illegal) properties and things which have been taken unjustly from their owners to them.

Another point to make is that because of the intellectual and spiritual development, people will hasten to help the poor and needy ones. And even perhaps, one who owns several houses will willingly accommodate others in them, just like what happened when Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) arrived [in Medina] and Ansar (The Helpers) accommodated Muhajirin (The Emigrants) in their homes.


What does Imam Mahdi (PBUH) do during the Occultation?

Answer: During the Major Occultation, duties and responsibilities of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) are very critical and important. Although, he does not run a government, but he observes all incidents and acts upon them. His long life is being spent in the obedience to Allah.

In addition to his individual tasks and duties, based on many narrations he does whatever is best to do such as guiding people, helping believers to overcome the enemies, solving the problems and difficulties, healing the illnesses, guiding misled people, instructing prayers, providing pecuniary aid for the poors, helping people in problems and ... .

For example we can point the survival of Shia and its leadership organization and scientific and missionary institutions and activities of the religious seminaries and also the survival of the Islamic revolution in the today’s world when all the world has united against Shia, which were not succeeded and achieved but with the help of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Just exactly the way Imam told Shaykh Mufid: “We always have you in mind.” (Kamal al-Din, v. 1)


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Rational reasons for Imamate and Mahdism - The second series

The principle of purposefulness for proving the existence of the Imam

Another logical reason to prove the existence of the Imam is the principle of purposefulness.

Human being is made up of body and spirit and just like his body, his spirit is developing. The requisite of development is the existence of a guide who can help him. Although wisdom is responsible for guiding the human, because of being bounded to the physical world and the existence of enemies like vain desires and animal tendencies, there should be another guide which assists it as well.

This guide is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) during the era of prophecy. Certainly, there should be other guides after him as well, because the human race continues to live. If the divine path, plan and guide don’t exist, the creation of humans would be in vain. And the risk of distortion of the religion and the existence of hostile groups also emphasize this necessity.

(Kashf al-Murad by ‘Allama al-Hilli, p. 324; Masael-e Kolli-e Emamat (The General Issues of the Imamate), p. 111-136)


Inductive reasoning

The inductive method states that one can achieve general facts from individual and partial facts. In inductive reasoning, the pattern of thinking is from part to whole. In other words, by observing what is true for fixed part, we can deduce that it holds for the whole (that includes the part).

One of the reasons to prove the necessity and continuation of the existence of Imam, is inductive reasoning:

All prophets from Adam (PBUH) to Muhammad (PBUH), had special and appointed successors after themselves; so why should not the custom of the existence of a leader and a guide hold in the case of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who there is no prophet after him?!

(Ali bin Babawayh, Al-Imama wa al-Tabsera, ch. Al-Wasiyya min ladon Adam (PBUH), p. 21 and 23)


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امام صادق علیه السلام :
هر کس خوشحال می شود و دوست دارد که در شمار یاران حضرت مهدی باشد، باید سه ویژگی داشته باشد: منتظر بودن، با وَرَع بودن، اخلاق بزرگوارانه داشتن.
(ورع یعنی دوری از گناه، تقوا داشتن و دوری از مکروهات و شُبَهات)
طبقه بندی موضوعات