“Constant expectation for Imam Mahdi’s Reappearance”

One of the duties of the awaiting people is to wait for his reappearance and to prepare themselves for that enormous event. God in the Quran accounts worshiping as a goal of human creation.”

The Prophet says while interpreting this verse in the Quran that the best worship is expectation for Imam Mahdi’s Reappearance

Mekyal al-Makarem, volume 2

A reminder:

We should examine ourselves to see how much we are really waiting for Imam Mahdi.


Remaining patient in annoyance and denial

Imam Sadiq (PBUH): “When you are faced with difficulty and hardship in our way, be patient and recommend each other to resist.”

“Every person who is waiting for imam Mahdi and is patient in tolerating the annoyance and fear in this way, he will be in our company in the other world.”

Mekyal al-Makarem, volume 2—  Rouzeh Kafi, page37

Types of patience in the occultation based on narrations:

1. Being patient for the duration of the occultation

2. Being patient against annoyance and denial and ridicule of the opponents.

3. Being patient against calamities and disasters

4. Being patient when you see believers’ calamities caused by enemies while you cannot defend them.


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Trying to popularize Imam Mahdi

According to wisdom, if a person is beloved he should be popularized. Therefore, Shia Muslims should make Imam Mahdi popular.

Imam Sadiq (PBUH)said: “God blesses someone who makes us popular among people and attracts people to us. I swear to God that when people narrate our speeches to others, they would be more beloved because of those speeches.

Mekyal al-Makarem, volume 2.


Avoiding from vanity entertainment

the entertainment in which deny the existence of Imam Mahdi or make fun of the awaiting people.

Imam Sadiq said: “Everyone who believes in God does not participate in a meeting in which Imams are being ridiculed or a believer is insulted.

Mekyal al-Makarem.


Being pious

Avoiding from guilt, having virtue and avoiding from doubts and disapproved deeds is called being pious. To save us, we should pay attention to avoid the disapproved deeds and to do the recommended things. Recommended things strengthens doing obligatory rules, and avoiding disapproved deeds can help to avoid guilt and taboos.

Imam sadiq said: Everyone who wants to be Imam Mahdi’s companion should avoid from doubts plus abandoning committing sins. In fact, they should avoid doing anything which contains uncertainty (in being a good deed or a wrong one) both based on etiquette and wisdom.”

Avoiding doubts can make people and their Imam look like each other.

Mekyal al-Makarem, volume 2


Readiness to accept Imam’s global Governance

In order to accept a government, the world must be prepared in many different ways:

A) The intellectual and cultural preparation: The level of the world public viewpoints should be so high to know that the difference in color (racism), language and land can’t separate mankind from each other.

B) Social preparation: the world must be tired of oppression and evil regimes and demand a peacemaker for the salvation of mankind.

C) Technology and communication preparation: Contrary to what some people think that the new technology must be destroyed before the beginning of the global governance, not only the existence of these industries is not an obstacle to the concept of the “Global Governance” but also it maybe impossible to achieve such a goal without it, because it is necessary to use post-modern equipment to create and control a global system.


Helping the Twelfth Imam

The examples (of helping him) are doing good and virtuous deeds to his friends and lovers and respect them and solve their problems and so on.

Among a group of people, Imam Sadiq (PBUH) said: “Why do you belittle us?” The companions asked with surprise: “We take refuge to God to belittle you!”

The Imam said: “One of our friends asked you for help on the way, but you did not pay attention to him. Anyone who belittles a believer, it will be as if he/she has belittled us.”

Mekyal Al Makarem Vol.2

Are we aware of what the world's most perfect believer (Imam Mahdi) requests us?


The real repentance (from the depth of heart)

One of the most important tasks of the Shiites toward their Imam is to do real repentance. One of the main reasons for the occultation of Imam Mahdi, is the sins people commit.

In his letter to Sheikh al-Mufid, Imam Mahdi considers the sins as the main reason of his occultation and he says:

“So the only thing that keeps us hidden for them is their unpleasant and bad deeds that are revealed to us and we do not like them and don’t expect from them.”

Mekyal Al Makarem Vol.2

“The reason of your Occultation is me, I know”


The pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (PBUH)

The pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (PBUH) is one of the duties of the awaiting people during the occultation because it is a kind of devotion to Imam Mahdi and goodness toward him and other Imams, and by doing pilgrimage, joy and pleasure fills Imam’s heart and he prays for the pilgrims of Imam

Hussein’s shrine as his ancestors did from down to dust.

In the authentic book of "Kamil al- Ziyarat", Imam Sadiq says:

1-“The one who grants alms for the sake of Imam Hussein, any penny will be counted as thousands and for him/her and he/she will gain the consent of God, Prophet Muhammad and Imams.                                                                   

2-The pilgrimage of Imam Hussein’s shrine is the most admirable deed for God.”

3-Imam Sadiq says in his prayers: “Oh God, grant me and my brothers and the pilgrims of my father Imam Hussein your pardon, whom spent out their properties and wasted away their bodies…hence bestow on

them your heaven, and protect them from any kind of rebellious and malevolent creatures and devils of jinn and men….”

And these are the reasons for making Imam Mahdi and other Imams happy due to this honorable deed.


Mourning for Imam Hussein (PBUH)

Imam Mahdi says in the Ziyarat of Nahiya Al-Moqaddasa about Ashura and Imam Hussein: 🔹“If times put me off and prevented me from helping you in Ashura, I will definitely be crying for you from down to dust and I will be shedding blood instead of tears.”

Imam Sadiq says: “No mourner cries for Imam Hussein unless he/she has reinforced his ties with Lady Fatima (PBUH) and has fulfilled the right we (Ahl-al-Bayt) have toward them.”

The book "Kamil al-Ziyarat", vol. 81, section 26

Hence, when a believer cries for the sorrow of Imam Hussein, he/she has fulfilled the right of the next Imam after him because it shows his/her agreement with the Imam and it consoles him.


Source: Mahdiaran Channel (@Mahdiaran); http://islampfr.com