From Hussain’s (PBUH) Ashura to the Reappearance of Mahdi (PBUH)

Ashura is a lesson for everyone who wants Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Maybe Ashura is the instance of the bloodiest disloyalty of the history, but it didn’t end and since it proves a notion to the people of each era, it is flourishing more and more day by day.

Ashura is a tearful historic event for all people of the world in every times to know who is Imam and how is his absence? So that they know the contrast between wanting and not wanting is and endless conflict between who chooses either himself or Imamate. Ashura is the root of Mahdism and awaiting ideology of Shia. The basis of Ashura and Karbala is the lesson of awaiting and a hope for bright future of Shia.

Nowadays those can wish companionship of Hussain of the time (Imam Mahdi (PBUH)) and yell “we wish we were with you” who do whatever needs to be done and consider awaiting as taking action and make it their first priority in all stages of their life during the Occultation.


Ashura is the criterion…

Quran and narrations always remind us that the two lines of the Truth and Falsehood are together. Quran introduces a Falsehood line against the course of the Truth throughout the history. “Their intention is to extinguish Allah's Light” (The Quran, Surah 61, Verse 8)

It’s interesting that the verb that the Quran uses is future continuous, meaning it will continue and it’s continuous. It means there are still people who are after opposing the religion of Allah, as some people tried to eliminate the religion of Allah during the lifetime of the prophet and Imams, and it led to the divine and entirely shiny jihad of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and the event of Ashura that separated the Truth from Falsehod until the end of the world.

Nowadays, there are also some people who are after breaking and opposing the course of the Truth and one should learn the lesson of recognizing the criterion from Ashura and be after establishing justice and opposing any tyranny and cruelty which its superhighway is awaiting and helping Imam Mahdi (PBUH)…


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Understanding Ashura, requisite of awaiting

Undoubtedly the promise of Allah that the governance is for righteous is certain. But condition for fulfilment of this promise, just like for a prayer to be answered, requires basis and conditions so that this divine plan would work. All efforts of the holy Prophet and Imams are to prepare these preliminaries.

But unfortunately during the Prophet's era, because of inadequate analysis of the circumstance, the events after his death occurred such a way that the matters went wrong and deviated from the proper course and perhaps it can be said that the society turned back to the ignorance era. The Ashura uprising and Imam Hassan's (PBUH) strategy was a full-scale reform and permanent for the history.

The hypocrisy and Muhammadic Islam were distinguished forever in the history and recognizing these two courses requires Ashuraic viewpoint to the situations. "Where is the one who avenges the blood of Martyr of Karbala?'' means the awaiting people must know that the hypocrisy course should be distinguished and defamed so the community would not be confused in its beliefs and decisions. This requires Ashuraic viewpoint, the same Ashuraic strategy of Imam Hassan (PBUH) and Imam Hussain (PBUH).


To be neglectful of the divine plan

Unfortunately, because of being too busy with our daily routine, we are neglectful of the divine plan that is the government of the pious over the world and we don’t even know how much efforts have been made throughout history to make this plan come true.

One of our faults is that we consider the events like the appointment of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Eid al- Azha, Eid al- Qadir, Ashura and Fatemiya as independent events and we don’t notice that these all occasions are parts of one chain in history to accomplish the divine plan. Eid al- Azha is one of the most important historical turning points of Imamate, then the appointment of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the beginning of the globalization of this government and Qadir took place as the continuity of this path.

And Ashura is the best way to prove the veracity of this divine plan that has defined the path to be in this course forever. That is why there are strong recommendations for reviving Ashura, since policy of companions of Imam Hussain (PBUH) should be an example for the awaiting people for Imam Mahdi (PBUH) so they can make a big change like them and it should be this way that the spirit of martyrdom is an inseparable element of Imam Mahdi’s (PBUH) companions personality.


Acquaintance of Imam, requisite of his companionship…

One day, in the Great Mosque of Mecca, Imam Baqir (PBUH) said to Abu Basir: “Ask people who are coming and passing by if they have seen Muhammad bin Ali (Aba Ja'afar)?” Abu Basir did what Imam has told him to do and started asking everyone, but their answer was NO! At this time, Abu Harun who was a blind man approached. Imam Baqir (PBUH) said: “Ask him too.” When Abu Basir asked Abu Harun whether he has seen Imam Baqir or not, he answered: “He is standing by your side.”

Yes! If a person wants to achieve divine acquaintance so Imam Mahdi (PBUH) manifests in him/her because of this acquaintance, he/she should be obedient to Allah’s Wali (Imam Mahdi (PBUH)), Allah would not purifies us, not until we are obedient. One of the important means for purifying is misfortunes and divine tests.

(Az Furat ta Furat, v. 1, p. 21 , Bihar al-Anwar, v.46, Hadith31)


There are three categories of mourners…

First category: Although they do not abandon mourning and attend mourning sessions, they commit any sin which its conditions are fulfilled! Perception of such person of the uprising of Imam Hussein (PBUH) is incomplete.

Second category: Their hearts are pure and they mourn sincerely, but they do not know the purposes of mourning properly.

Third category: Those who know fair and useful points about Ashura and have linked their lives to Imam Hussein's (PBUH) goals, they are closer to the truth and seeking it. Their mourning is more effective.

Also, the awaiting people…

The first category are the people who sin and commit mistakes, but because they are naturally searching for true peace, they await for the government of Imam Mahdi (PBUH).

The second category are those who are not sinful, but they have a very superficial view on the issue of awaiting. They weep over the separation, they also pray for the Reappearance and they try to satisfy Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Most of the Shias and Imam's lovers do this way.

The third category are those who fight against hegemony to their bones in addition to trying to improve themselves and others, like Ashuraic, which this kind of spirit is easily found among 313 people.

And now it is me and these three categories…


Imam Hussein (PBUH) and the Days of Allah

Interpreting the narrations, the Days of Allah include three occasions: the Reappearance, the Raj’a (return of a group of people after the Reappearance), and the Day of Judgment. All of these three events revolve around the Day of Imam Hussein (PBUH).

In the day of Reappearance, the slogan of Imam Mahdi’s (PBUH) army will be “Ya Letharat al-Hussein” (in revenge for the blood of Hussein (PBUH)). During the Raj’a, the first person to return is Imam Hussein (PBUH), and in the Day of Judgment, those who go to heaven will gather under the flag of Imam Hussein (PBUH).

Essentially, one who understands the event of Ashura with all of its details and magnitude, ensures that at the end of this path, there is nothing but the assistance of God. And definitely, it’ll have a happy ending. “…And the outcome is for the cautious” (Al-Araf: 128).


Where do we stand on the issue of hypocrisy?

One of the factors that caused some people to leave Imam Hussein (PBUH), was the test of choosing between this world and the Hereafter. Some of them hided the problem and said: “we are not with Imam nor with Ibn Ziyad.” Proceeding between the course of the Truth and Falsehood is a kind of hypocrisy, and this very hypocrisy caused them gradually went ahead of each other in committing crimes against Ahl al-Bayt. Because they failed to observe the discrimination between the Truth and Falsehood.

Also, in the Reappearance era, hypocrisy in people will become clear in proceeding towards the Reappearance. So, we need to kill the hypocrisy in our hearts, in order to reach the Reappearance {hypocrisy is the same as dissimulation and deception}.


The Freedom versus The Stupidity…

Some people in Karbala chose ibne Ziad army with this imagination that if a crime does not happen, going in his army will not be a guilt. But they did not know that even their mere presence in Ibne Ziad army, is drawing the border line in between the right and the wrong. (The example of the stupidity)

Amongst all those people, Hurr ibn al-Riahi went towards the Right, so he could prove the miracle of selecting the Right till the end of the history. (The example of freedom)

Today; one of the duties of the people who are awaiting for Imam Mahdi`s (PBUH) Reappearance, is “being ready for the Reappearance” and we should stay careful about our selections in our lives. How many times, truly, we have to make selections in between the Yazid and the Imam Hussein (PBUH) of our ego?


Hussein and Mahdi…

Among Imam Hussein (PBUH) and Imam Mahdi (PBUH), in addition to some similar attributes and characteristics like “infallibility, knowledge, kindness, courage, wisdom…”, there are some other ties and similarities which are worth to think about!

Titles like Gharib (stranger), Tarid (left alone) and Sharid (displaced) which are ascribed to both of them, are among these similarities. Imam Hussein’s pilgrimage prayers are among the prayers of the night of the middle of Sha’baan month (which is the birth date of Imam Mahdi); maybe this prayer is there to tell the “people of the Occultation era” that Imam Hussein was Imam of those people who called him in “al-Ajal” (rush), but in the end, they left him alone and martyred him while being abandoned! Lest the “Awaiting Persons” do the same!

We should be aware! That the power, money, pretense and lust will make Imam's blood easy to be shed! Existence of these ego’s desires will not be ineffective to Imam Mahdi's loneliness and exile! ”Let’s fight our ego’s desires, to hasten the Reappearance”


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