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Sayyed Ibn Tawus says: “One early morning I was in the Sacred Cellar of Samarra, suddenly I heard my master, Imam Mahdi (PBUH), praying for his Shia:”

 “O Allah! You have created our Shia from our light and our remaining clay, they have sinned in reliance on our affection and our Wilayah; if their sins are related to You, forgive them that it makes us happy and what of their sins is related to them, correct them… and save them from the fire of hell, and do not gather them and our enemies together for Your wrath.”

(The book “Barakat e Hazrat e Wali-Asr” (the blessings of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)), p. 399)

Where are those who are afraid of their affectionate Imam because of their sins and find his Reappearance detrimental to them?


Iran, the land of Shiites of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)

After the pressures that escalated the situation of our country during the First World War and enemies rushed to occupy Iran, late Mirza Naeini (a great Shia scholar) complained to Imam Mahdi (PBUH). Mr. Naeini says:

 “I groaned a lot and complained to Imam Mahdi (PBUH). One day a revelation happened to me and I saw Imam Mahdi (PBUH) standing and beckoning me with his finger to look at a very high wall that was bent. Then I saw that Imam’s finger is pointing to the wall and he said:

 “This wall is Iran. It bends, but we have held it with our finger and we won’t let it be fallen. This is “our land of Shiites”, it bends, but we won’t let it be fallen.””

(The book “Majales e Imam Mahdi (PBUH) (Imam Mahdi’s (PBUH) meetings)”; p. 261)


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The story of a watch which turned into gold…

The great Sheikh, Aqa Abd as-Samad Zanjani said: “Once I owed about eighty tomans and I wasn't able to pay it back, so I started resorting to some prayers and invocations until one night I saw Imam Mahdi (PBUH) in my dream, and he said: “Show me your watch.” I gave him my watch. He took the watch and gave it back.”

I woke up sad because Imam just looked at my watch and I regret that I was undeserving of his blessing. Next morning, I went to a meeting and after a while I looked at my watch to see what time it was when someone asked: “Where did you get the gold watch?” I said: “What? My watch is made of brass and I bought it from some other one.”

We summoned the salesman and he said: “I sold a brass watch and there is no doubt in it and I bought it from some other one.” My surprise and wonder increased, suddenly I remembered the last night dream and I told the audiences about it and everyone found out this is the miracle of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) touching the watch that yellow brass had turned into gold. One of them asked: “How much is your debt?” I said: “70 or 80 tomans.” He said: “I will pay your debt and you give this watch to me as a present.”

(The book “Barakat e Hazrat e Wali-Asr” (the blessings of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)), p. 375 )


O’ Allah may You hasten the Reappearance of Your Wali (Imam Mahdi)

A visiting full of sense and tear…

Haj Muhamad Ali Fashandi Tehrani said: “I offered my prayers in the mosque of Jamkaran and while I was coming out with my wife, I saw a shining man who were entering into the hall and facing towards the mosque. I thought “this man has just arrived in this hot summer and he might be thirsty. I gave him a glass of water to drink.”

While returning the glass, I asked him: “Sir, you pray for the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and ask Allah to hasten his Reappearance.” He replied: “My Shias do not want me even equivalent to this glass of water. If they want, they would pray and our Reappearance will occur.” He said this, and as I looked again, I did not find him. Then I acknowledged that I saw Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and he ordered (us) to pray.” (Shiftegan-e Hazrt-e Mahdi (The lovers of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)), v. 1, p. 155)

Characters like Ayatollah Bahjat, Ayatollah Shaheed Dastghaib and …have talked about Mr Fashandi’s honesty in words and deeds, and purity of soul and clearance of conscience and have attested his love for Imam Mahdi (PBUH).


Those who turn lead into gold by one look…

A person named “Oodi” says: “It was before the year 300 A.H. when I was performing Tawaf of the Kaaba. I was in the seventh round of Tawaf when I saw a glorious beautiful young man surrounded by Hajjis. I approached. I heard his speech. How pleasant he was speaking … I intended to go closer but the crowd pushed me back.

I asked someone: “Who is he?” He said: “He is son of the Messenger of Allah that comes here every year to speak to his special Shias.” I reached to him with much troubles and said: “O dear master! Guide me please” and he gave me a handful of pebbles and I came back. Someone asked: “What did you get?” I said: “A handful of pebbles” but when I opened my fist, I saw that they were pieces of gold…

I ran to him hastily once more. He said, as he saw me: “Is my proof complete on you? Did you see the truth? Is your blindness gone? Did you recognize me?” I said: “No, I swear by Allah.” He said: “I am Mahdi. I am Qa'im who will fill the Earth with justice and equity after it is filled with injustice and tyranny…””

( Bihar al-Anwar, v. 52, p. 1; Al-Ghaybah al-Tusi, p. 253)


Some amount of Khums was in Haj Ali Baghdadi’s possession (one of the righteous men of the world) which he paid to Islamic Jurists and headed for Baghdad. On the way, he encountered a great Sayyed. He had a green turban and there was a black mole on his cheek. The Sayyed greeted him and embraced  him and asked: “Where are you going? It's Friday eve, go back to Kadhimain, so that the Shaykh and I would attest you are a friend of my ancestor, Ali (PBUH).”

Mr. Baghdadi says: “Formerly, I had asked Ayatullah Aale Yasin to write me a note and attest that I am one of those who love Ahl al-Bayt so I would put it in my shroud.” I asked the Sayyed: “How do you know me and how do you attest this?” He said: “How a person can't recognize someone who fulfills his right completely?” I asked: “Which right?” He answered: “The same right you have paid to my representative, Shaykh Muhammad Hassan.” I said: “Is he your representative?” He said: “Yes.”

I was astonished by his words. I pondered he is an old friend of mine, because he called me by my name on the first encounter. I asked myself how he called the greatest scholars of the time as his representatives. But I became neglectful again and forgot the issue! It didn't pass so

long that I found us in the Kadhimain Shrine without passing the roads and streets leading there.

We stopped at the entrance to the Shrine. We decided that he read the pilgrimage prayers because I wasn’t good at this. Firstly he greeted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Imams and after saluting Imam Hassan Askari (PBUH), asked: “Do you know the Imam of your own time? Salute him!” I said: “Peace be upon you, O the Proof of Allah, O Imam Mahdi (PBUH)…” He smiled and said: “Peace, blessing and grace of Allah be upon you…” We entered the Shrine… After the evening prayer, he disappeared of my sight and as much as I searched, I couldn't see him! I came to myself and found out he was Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and what a shame I recognized him too late.

 ( Al-Najm al-Saqib, story 31.)


As if Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is not absent

Late Ayatollah Mojtahedi: “One day during the period of studying in Najaf, after saying prayers with Ayatollah Madani (as our Imam in the prayer), I saw him crying bitterly with his shoulders trembling. I went to him and asked, ‘What has happened that you’re crying like this?’”

He said: “I saw Imam Mahdi (PBUH) for a  moment. He pointed to behind me and said: ‘Look Mr. Madani! My Shias immediately go away after prayer to take care of their own business and none of them stay to pray for my reappearance. It is as if their Imam of time is not absent!’” And I began crying about his complaint.”

( The book of “Mehrabantar az Madar” (Kinder than a mother))

To precipitate his Reappearance, let’s think over our deeds …  


One of the scholars longed to visit Imam Mahdi (PBUH). He mortified and tried to do so for a long time but got no result. Then he resorted to the occult science and numerical symbolism, but he got no result.

One day, in a spiritual state, he was told: “Visiting Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is not possible for you unless you go to some other city.” So he went there and started self-discipline and ascetic practices. It was the last days that he was told: “Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is in the blacksmiths’ Bazar now, at an old locksmith’s shop.” He went there immediately. When he reached, he saw Imam Mahdi (PBUH) sitting there and talking amiably with the old locksmith and saying kind words. He greeted, Imam Mahdi (PBUH) greeted back and beckoned him to be silent.

He saw a bent, old woman with a cane came in and gave him a lock and said: “If possible, buy this lock from me for three shahis (a currency unit) for Allah's sake, because I need three shahis.” The old man checked the lock and found it intact and said: “This lock is worth eight shahis… I will make its key and it will worth ten shahis.” The old woman said: “No, I don't need that.”

The old man simply said: “You are a Muslim and so am I. Why should I buy a Muslim's belonging cheaper and spoil your right? This lock is worth eight shahis now, if I want to benefit from it, I will buy it for seven shahis, because benefit more than one shahi is unjust. I repeat again: Its real price is eight shahis and since I’m a tradesman and I need to benefit from it, I will buy it one shahi cheaper!” The old woman couldn't believe it. The old locksmith gave her seven shahis and bought the lock.

As the old woman left, Imam told me: “Did you see this?! Do likewise so we will come to you. There is no need for seclusion, no use in numerical symbolism. Have good deeds and be Muslim so I can cooperate with you! Of all people of this city, I have chosen this old man. Because he is pious and knows Allah, and this was the test he took. From the beginning of bazar… everybody seek to buy it cheap and no one bought it even for three shahis and this old man bought it for seven shahis. No week passes without me coming here and visiting him.”

(Mulaqat ba Imam-e Asr (Visiting Imam Mahdi (PBUH)), p. 268)


Patients and people in problems should recite it:

Muhammad ibn Yusuf Al-Shashi: "Igot hemorrhoids. I went to the doctor and spent a lot of mony for the treatment. But the medicine did not have any effect. Then i wrote a letter for Imam Mahdi (PBUH) and asked him to pray for me."

I received a noble letter in which it was written that: "May God covers you with the dress of health and healing and may he places you as our companion in this world and in the other world."

After this prayer, i was cured in less than a week and my body wound was healed. A friend of mine who was a doctor, said: "From the medical point of view, your disease did not have any treatments and the healing that you received is only from God."

(Usul al-Kafi,  volume 1, page 519, Al Irshad lil-Mufeed, page 352)


Thanks Allah since we are under Imam Hussein’s shelter

Sayyed Bahr al-olum departed alone intending to go to Samarra. He was intensely thinking on the way. An Arab man (Imam Mahdi (PBUH)) reached him riding a horse and asked: “Sayyed! What are you thinking about this deep?”. Sayyed said: “Why does Allah grant this much reward for pilgrims and mourners of Imam Hussein (PBUH)? For example; rewards of one Haj and one Omra for each single step and forgiving major and minor sins for a drop of tear?”

The Arab horseman (by telling a very beautiful and meaningful story) said: “Mr. Bahr al-olum, Imam Hussein (PBUH) gave all his wealth and family and son and brother and daughter and sister and head and body in the way of God. So there would be no wonder if God rewards pilgrims and mourners of Imam Hussein (PBUH) this much, because God cannot give the Godship to Imam Hussein (PBUH), so will do all and everything else for him. Meaning that, despite Imam Hussein’s (PBUH) high rank, God rewards his pilgrims and mourners with high ranks as well and meanwhile God does not consider this as Imam Hussein’s complete reward for his sacrifice.”

After the Arab person said the above, he disappeared from Sayyed Bahr al-Olum’s eyes.

(Imam Mahdi's blessings, p218)


Source: Mahdiaran Channel (@Mahdiaran); http://islampfr.com