The post-Reappearance era is an infinite horizon that human beings are unable to imagine. It’s the abundance of mercy in a way that no humankind has already experienced and it is the perfection of excellence and growth in a way that the wisdom of humanity hasn’t been able to conceive it yet. Therefore, whatever we say is a glimpse of an unseen paradise that we have heard of and believed in and all the imaginations we had in mind are the prosperous outlooks of the wishes whose pleasure can’t be felt unless they become true.

Ghadir from the beginning of the Creation to the Reappearance and up to the Judgment Day

 The universe has started and continued with Ghadir and ends with Ghadir, which is the love and Guardianship (Wilayah) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his family. Accordingly, imparting the Ghadir’s message has been the most important duty of prophets.

Ghadir is the continuation of the connection between God and humans and this link was greatly needed from the first day of the Creation and lasts up to the Day of Judgment. Ghadir is the response to the savior-seeking nature of humankind and the response to the request of “Guide us to the Right Path” (1:6). In fact, mankind is the follower of the perfection route using the Divine Plan, which got completed on the Ghadir’s day by introducing its guiding leader.




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The Merciful God has given three interpretations for Be’sat (the appointment of the Prophet to a prophet mission), Ghadir and the Reappearance in the Quran which demonstrate this process well:  He has considered Be’sat as his favor to people and has stated: “Certainly did Allah confer [great] favor upon the believers when He sent among them a Messenger from themselves”(3:163); and he has announced Ghadir  as the perfection of his religion when he said: “This day have I perfected your religion for you” (5:3); and has accounted the Reappearance as the shining of the divine light and has stated: “And the earth will shine with the light of its Lord”(39:69).

This process has gone through its path from the beginning of the Creation to the Be’sat and then from the Be’sat to the Ghadir until it reached the era after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Ghadir is a potential which will show itself in the Reappearance era as it is stated “Allah has decreed: It is I and My messengers who must prevail” (58:21).

Now it should be said: the Reappearance is the end of the detailed right path of Ghadir and perfect expression of the sublimity of the mankind. Islam cannot be manifested without Ghadir and Ghadir cannot be manifested without the Reappearance. That mentioned perfection in the religion and that uttermost blessing in the Wilaya and that satisfaction seal of the Lord on the Ghadir day, cannot become materialized except with the Reappearance.

Ghadir’s Imam on the Reappearance day is the leader that has the global responsibility of the last Prophet of God. The provided plan by God on the Ghadir’s day will be manifested in the Reappearance era. The ultimate connection between the humankind and his Creator would reveal itself in the Reappearance era.

On that day, the best exploitation of the universe will be achieved by the Imam, who is aware of the details of the universe. In that day, the true meaning of Imamate as the responsible for fulfilling the obligatory religious acts is revealed. And on that day people will understand that they had received the response to the request “Guide us to the Right Path” (1:6) a long time ago, but they paid no attention to it.

Saqifah: the hindrance of Ghadir till the Reappearance era

The Divine plan of Ghadir which was given to all humanity and was a gift from the Lord to his servants, experienced a terrible damage from the Saqifah incident that brought misery and a full disaster to the mankind. The idea that “Book of Allah is sufficient for us” (1) meant denying the Imam who was appointed by God and Ghadir failed to realize the wishes of humanity.

The truth is that people have no choice except returning to Ghadir and Reappearance is intended for this aim.

Reappearance with the message of Ghadir

Imam Mahdi (PBUH) will rise with the Ghadir’s message, proceed with the Ghadir’s message and come to the end with the Ghadir’s message. The two verses of the Holy Quran about announcing and completing the mission emerge in this verse: “That He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power)” (24:55). From this, it becomes clear that the command of announcing Ghadir till the Judgment Day, is equivalent to the survival and continuation of the prophets’ path to the Reappearance day and after it to the Judgment Day. During the Reappearance era, it becomes clear that how much people needed Ghadir and what they were ignoring. The relationship between Ghadir and people becomes clear on that day and Imam Mahdi (PBUH) brings the attention of the people to their oblivion and losing of the Ghadir.

All of these happen since the promise of the Reappearance was given in the Ghadir, and it was declared that all of the promises of Reappearance day will take place undoubtedly. The features of the Mo’uod (the Promised One) were depicted in 20 phrases of the Ghadir’s sermon which will take place in the Reappearance era. In the Ghadir incident two administrations with the same format were planned: Alavi and Mahdavi; People didn’t realize the magnitude of the first one, but will understand the second one because of the backgrounds which were provided by Ghadir through Imam Mahdi (PBUH) by establishing a single global government.

And it’s appropriate to say that Ghadir has been talked about from the time it took place up to the Reappearance time, but in the Reappearance era not only it will be talked about but also it comes true.

The effects of Ghadir in the Reappearance era

Reappearance era is the meeting place of the people who are waiting for Ghadir-those who tolerated misery for centuries because of the Saqifah and are looking to the bright future of the Reappearance. Even those who have died already, will be revived and return to enjoy the Ghadir and its pleasant consequences in the life in the presence of its lord, and this is their right. What has turned this waiting to enthusiasm is that no one has heard anything, but a few prospects of the Ghadir in the Reappearance time. And hearing cannot be compared to seeing and living within the realm of Ghadir’s Imam.

To sum it up, it can be said that all the aspects which are needed for the liberation and salvation of all the nations ranging from all colors, descents, languages and in any time and place, exist in the Ghadir  and will be manifested completely in the Reappearance era. In order to explain this happiness, many things can be said.

  1. It won’t be wrong if we say the material and spiritual lives of mankind will be secured.
  2. It would be right to say that humans will reach to the top level of development and excellence and will show their endless capabilities.
  3. It would be right to say that mankind will find the right path and using it will take him to the divine aims and he will be protected from any deviation.
  4. It would not be wrong to say that Islam as a basis of all the religions will be manifested in its purest form.
  5. It would be the truth if we say all the evils, oppressions and intrigue in their all types will be demolished and before paradise in the hereafter takes place, the paradise will be established in this world and all the creatures will live securely.
  6. It’s right to say that Reappearance time is the era during which God will be happy of his servants and this happiness is the most pleasant thing for humanity.
  7. It’s right if we claim that the Ghadir’s Imam will show the best way of using the whole universe to everyone during the Reappearance era.
  8. It’s a true sentence to say that with the leadership of the impeccable Imam (PBUH), brightness (spirituality) will encompass the entire earth and all the creatures will be proud of this brightness.

It is remained to the hearts, that the Reappearance time which is God’s promise, comes true and the entire earth becomes abundant by Ghadir.

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Al-Amali by Sheikh al-Mufid, p.36.



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