How would the world be after the Reappearance in Zoroaster’s point of view?

Drought, poverty and misery will disappear. There will be full rivers, fertile lands, fruitful trees and green plants, and there will remain no hungry man…

Saving humans, fighting lies and evils, having a future without polytheism and heresy, living a life far away from love of racism or ethnicity. A life only based on humanity…

(The Savior in religions, Zavardehi, pp. 203-5

Zatsparam collection, chapter 35, part2)


The Savior in Hinduism

In Hinduism, the promised savior will appear at the end of history, named “Kalki”.

Kalki or Kalkin appears at top a white horse with a drawn blazing sword to eradicate injustice and wickedness and establish justice and excellence. [A white horse is the symbol of strength and universality]. He will conquer all other opposition forces and save the world from rapacious kings.


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The end of the world…

According to Hinduism, the world’s motion in time is “circular”; meaning the beginning of our world wherein we live, is the end point of another stage of existence [like a circular movement]. At the end of each turn, the world terminates and before that it gets ready to enter the new turn.

Some religions believe in “linear motion” of the world; impling that the universe has initiated at one point and ends at another point; like a person who is born once and dies once, the world will also terminate only “once”.

Budism and Hinduism believe in circular motion/ Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe in linear motion.

(The Savior in religions, Rouhollah Shakeri, p. 216)


The Reappearance of the Hindu savior in the Apocalypse!

1-The 1st period: A complete piety was ruling among people and everyone was committed to his duty in the society; people were not needy for endeavoring and work, everything could be obtained by a single small wish. Malice, pride, deception, oppression and sorrow was totally absent ... People were only worshipping God.

2-The 2nd period: One fourth of the piety was gone. The people of the earth were the followers of the realism and truthness and they used to perform good deeds. They engaged in performing religious rituals and voluntary donations. They did not need austerity.

3-The 3rd period: Half of the piety decreased! People separated in different groups for performing religious ceremonies. Due to the decreasing of piety, small number of people remained who were still following truthness! Affliction and sickness plagued them!

4-The 4th period: Only one fourth of piety remained in the society! Pious deeds, religious rituals and sacrifices were relinquished! Catastrophes, sickness, troubles, hunger, misery, and fear were widespread! Moral decline of people made them despecible …. And the end of this peroid, the “Promised Hindu”  (the promised savior) will reappear.

(Upanishads, pp. 772-4.

The Savior in relegions, Shakeri, p. 218)


The general condition of humans before the Reappearance

          “In Hinduism viewpoint”

The kings of the world will be stubborn in spirit and harsh in temperament, always accustomed to lying and dishonesty. They inflict death on women and children, take the possessions of others having limited power and intension... . They have a little mercy and compassion… . Lust will be the only bond between man and woman; and lie will be the only means to achieve success. Women will be wanted just for satisfying sexual desires. [Thomas 20]

Men are guided by their wives; women have become shameless, they are impudent and voluptuous… . Fraud merchants control trading. Kings become tyrant and slaughterous … And at that time, scholars pray for the Reappearance of the Savior. [Thomas 5]

(Of course it should be noted that this is the general condition of humans not all of the people)

(The Savior in Religions, R.S. Zavardehi, p.223)


The enunciation of the Advent of the Savior in Hindu Sources

1-Upanishads (The Hindu’s authentic book)

In the time of general extinction, or Iron Age, he will reappear, riding on a white horse, having naked bright sword like a comet in hand, he will eradicate all the evil.

2-The book of Basque (one of the Hindu’s Holy books)

When the world is going to end, a righteous king appears in the Apocalypse, who is the king of the angles, fairies, and humans. He is a rightful person, he will achieve everything hidden inside the earth, mountains and oceans. He will inform about everything in the earth and in the heaven...

(Upanishads, Dara Shikoh, 2/637

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An interesting and important point

Did you know that the names of Imam Ali (PBUH) and Imam Mahdi (PBUH) are mentioned in Hindu scriptures?!

It is written in the “book of patecul ” about the Apocalypse:

When the day ends, the old world becomes new and the lord of the new kingdom appears from the descendants of the great leader of the world, one of them is the “honor of the End of Days” and the other one is the “greater honest” i.e. the great successor whose name is “Pashan” and the name of that new lord is the “guide”, he becomes the king rightfully and he is the successor of “Rama” and he rules and has many miracles…His rule will last for a long time and his lifetime is the longest among descendants of the “greater honor” and the world ends with him.

The aim of the “honor of the End of Days” is the great divine honor i.e. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

“Pashan” is Imam Ali’s (PBUH) Indian name.

The “guide” is the sacred name of Imam Mahdi (PBUH).

In Sanskrit, “Rama” is the name of Allah.

The Savior in religions, Rouhollah Shakeri, p.226


Believing in the Savior in Buddhism

Around the 1st century AD, Buddhism reached China and since then there was lots of attention to “Maitreya”. In addition, there were some groups of awaiting people in Korea which considered Maitreya as a crucial element. The Japanese were also inspired by such an idea and considered Maitreya as the one bringing “the long life and good fortune”.  As some groups await his reappearance.

The interesting point is that in the main Buddhism-dominated areas (in Asia), the “followers of Buddhism” believe that Maitreya will be born in their area. In fact everyone knows him one of his own not one of the aliens.

(Shojaee, “Seven Skies”, no. 21, p.221

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Maitreya; the savior of Buddhist

Maitreya means kindness and lovely. In the Buddhism symbolism, he is shown like a divine and powerful man who is sitting in a way that he is ready to rise up. This symbol thus shows his readiness for a complete upraise.

Where there was Buddhism, Maitreya was also an important character of his thoughts. This school of though is also continuing in many Buddhists. In addition, there is no evidence that he will be only for one special nation so we can count his prophecy for whole world.

Buddhism: philosophie zurevlo sung. Dregrossendenksysteme des Hinayana and Mahayana, translated by A.Pashaei, page 121.

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The world and the appearance of Mitriah

In this world, the numerous residents of the Earth, do not commit a crime, do not do any bad deeds and they are happy of doing good deeds.

People will be faultless. They will be strong and great and there will be a few disease among them… They will provide themselves rice with no trouble and this is the world wherein Mitriah will introduce Dahram (the true religion).

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