The time of the Rise of Yamani according to the Sunni narrations

There is an extreme disagreement among the Sunni narrations over the time of the Rise of Yamani:

1- Some believe the Rise of Yamani (Qahtani) is before the Reappearance.

2- Some believe it is concurrent with [the Reappearance] of Imam Mahdi (PBUH).

3- Some believe it is after Imam Mahdi’s (PBUH) demise!

And even in some of the other narrations, Yamani is said to be Imam Mahdi himself (PBUH)!

( Tammol-i No Dar Neshane-haye Zohour (A New Reflection on the Reappearance Signs), p. 87-90)


The rise of Yamani

There are many narrations stating that the “location of the rise of Yamani” and locality of formation of his movement will be in Yemen. For example Imam Sadiq (PBUH) said: “The rise of Yamani will be from Yemen with white flags.” [The epitome of Ithbat ar-Raj’a, p. 455]

 “The exact activities and details of the rise of Yamani” is not clear in narrations! Maybeu the reason for not revealing this is to avoid planning of his enemies against him. Also it is possible that the details are explained in the words of Imams but have not reached us.


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The end of the Yamani rise

Yamani and his companions will fight against Sufyani. His rise will not be weak and limited. It will affect many areas.

The question rises whether Yamani’s rise will be defeated before the Reappearance or his rise will continue till the Reappearance and if he would meet Imam Mahdi (PBUH) or not?

Due to lack of existence of credible narrations in this regard, there is no decisive answer to this question. However, there are some hadith which mention that the Yamani’s rise will be connected to the time of the Reappearance….

(The new thinking in the Reappearance signs, Page 104-110)


The criteria to recognize Yamani

We should always be concerned about being mistaken in recognizing the signs of reappearance and its harmful consequences [such as weakening the beliefs of the people]. For this reason, in addition to recommending to be precise and to avoid precipitance, the general criteria that are brought to us via hadith will be pointed:

1-The rise of Yamani will be initiated from Yemen (His rise is important not himself). 2-This rise will be concurrent with the rise of Sufiani in Syria. 3-He is a virtuous and value-centered person: he will not abuse his powers, his behaviors are according to what is mentioned in the Quran and Hadiths and he is apart from deviations and weakness.

Because “most of the social movement leaders” would like to give a good image of themselves, so evaluating the true Yamani in a short period of time is not an easy thing to do! It requires careful attentions on his speech and acts... 


The reasons for the importance of Sufyani

1- Sufyani has been mentioned as one of the definite sings of the Reappearance in the narrations.

2- One of his most important goals is to attack the Shia settlements and kill the Shias.

3- This event has a greater significance to the other signs of the Reappearance and takes up more time!

4- About one hundred narrations have been passed on us from the Imams on this subject. Therefore, we can see why Al-Nu’mani devoted one chapter about this sign in his book, Al-Ghayba which is one of the most important and the oldest sources of Mahdism narrations.


Is Sufyani a symbol or a real figure?

Thinking of Sufyani as a symbol does not agree with numerous Hadiths!

In some narrations, Sufyani’s name and his descent are mentioned and in some other narrations, it is even talked about his look and physical appearance. Some have mentioned his religion and/or place and time of his rise and others talks about his attack to Iraq, Medina and Mecca, or even how he will be murdered...

It’s not approved by the scholars to consider all of these Hadiths to be metaphorical statements. Thus, we must consider Sufyani as a real person, not a symbolic term!


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