The characteristics of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “Mahdi, of my descendants, is forty years old (means that at the Reappearance time, he looks like a forty-year-old man). His face is shining like a bright star. There is a black mole on his right cheek. He wears two Qutwani cloaks and he looks like the men of the Children of Israel (at the time of Prophet Moses (PBUH)). He’ll bring out the treasures, conquer the countries of polytheistic and lead them.”

(Ithbat al-Hudat, 7/185)


Awaiting for the friends, awaiting for the revenge

‘Abd al-‘Azim Hasani says: “I told Imam Jawad (PBUH): “I hope you are the promised “Qaim” who is of the progeny of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and will fill the earth with justice and equity...” He answered:

« “O Abu al-Qasim, All of us Imams are Qaim by the command of Mighty Allah and guiders towards His religion. But the promised Qaim-through whom Allah would wipe the earth from unbelievers and fill it with justice- is the one whose birth will be concealed for people and he will be disappeared from their sight and pronouncing his name will be Haram (forbidden) for them. He has the same name and kunia as prophet Muhamamd (PBUH) and he is the person who the earth will fold up for him (Tayy al-Arz) and every hardships will become easy for him.

And of his companions, 313 persons equal to the number of the fighters of Badr, will gather around him from all over the world. And this is the word of the Great Allah that “Wheresoever ye are, Allah will bring you Together. For Allah Hath power over all things.” (The Holy Quran, 2:148) So when this number of sincere companions gather around him, Allah will reveal his order and when he has 10000 helpers, he will rise by the permission of Allah and kill the enemies of Allah until He is pleased.””

(Kam al-Din, ch. 36, Hadith 2)


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Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is like this

Imam Reza (PBUH) has said:

 “Imam is the most intelligent, the most knowledgeable, the most pious, the most patient, the most generous and the most devout person. He sleeps with his eyes closed but his heart is always awake and angels talk to him… His prayers is always accepted. Even if he curses a stone, it will be cut in half.” *1

Imam has two prominent characteristics through which he will be recognized.

One is the infinite knowledge and the other is the acceptability of prayers. *2

( 1. Ilzam al-Nasib, page number 9 / 2. Uyun Akhbar Ar-Ridha, volume 1, page 170)


Introducing light by remembering the light...

When Imam Mahdi (PBUH) reappears, he stands between Rukn and Maqam and calls:

 “O the people of the world! I am the Qa’im, the twelfth Imam.

O the people of the world! I am the sharp sword, the avenger.

O the people of the world! My ancestor, Hussain, was killed while he was thirsty.

O the people of the world! My ancestor, Hussain, was left on the ground without dress.

O the people of the world! My ancestor, Hussain (his body), was crushed under the hooves of the horse out of enmity.”

( Elzam al-Naseb, v. 2, p. 282 )


God never breaks his promise

Abu Hashem Ja’fari says: “We were with Imam Jawad (PBUH) and we were talking about Sufyani. I asked him: ‘Is it possible that God postpones a definite sign (The signs of the Reappearance)?’ He answered: ‘Yes, it is.’

I said:  ‘we’re afraid if the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) would also be postponed by God.’ He answered: ‘The Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is a promise (i.e. God has promised this through Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)) and God never breaks his promises.’ ”

(Ithbat al-Hudat, vol 3, p 544)


A good news for the real awaiting people

Ahmad ibn Ishaq says: “I went to Imam Hassan Askari (PBUH) and said: “O, son of the Prophet! I’m so delighted to be under your grace. What is the continuing tradition of Khidr (PBUH) and Dhul-Qarnayn (the Occultation) about your honorable son?” He said: “O, Ahmad! It’s his Occultation being prolonged.” I asked him: “O, son of the Prophet! Will his Occultation last too long?” He said:

 “Yes, it does. I swear by my Lord, it will last so long that most of those who believe in it will lose faith, except those from whom Allah (God) has made the covenant with our guardianship, into whose hearts He has carved faith and whom He has approved by a spirit of Himself.” “O, Ahmad ibn Ishaq! This is one of the commands of Allah (God), one of the mysteries of Allah (God) and one of the secrets of Allah (God). Listen to what I said and write it down. And be of the thankful ones so you may be in the high positions of the heaven with us in the Hereafter.””

(A’alam al-Wara, p.413)


The precious word of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

In the book of “Yanabi' al-Mawaddah”, page 440, it is written that Abd al-Rahman ibn abi Layli has quoted from his father: “Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave the flag to Ali (PBUH) in the battle of Khaybar and Allah (God) gave the victory to Muslims through him, then in the Ghadir Khumm announced that “Ali (PBUH) is the Wali (guardian) of every man and woman”.”

The continuation of the Hadith is about the superiority of Imam Ali (PBUH) and Imam Hassan (PBUH) and Imam Hussain (PBUH) till he says: “The Gabriel told me that my family will be oppressed after my death and this oppression continues till our Qa’im rises and becomes victorious and the ummah (nation) of Muslims agree on their affection; during this time, their enemies are few; anyone who hates them is wretched. So many people will greatly appreciate them.”

This event occurs when the situation of cities changes and people become infirm and disappointed of the Reappearance. In this situation, Mahdi reappears and Allah (God) reveals the Truth and destroys the False through him;” till he said: “I give you the news of the Reappearance and the promise of Allah (God) does not infringe and His predestination does not change, He is the Wise and Well-Informed (with all things).”

(Quoted from Al-Mahdi, p. 16)


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