Breaking the glass, breaking the pottery

Imam Sadiq’s (PBUH) warnings:

1-I swear to God,  you will break undoubtedly such as shattering of a glass but glass can be recycled (by melting and reproducing). I swear to God you will break like pottery, very truly it does not return to original condition.

2-“I swear to God you will be screened and distinguished from each other undoubtedly and you will be selected until a few of you remain.”

(Al-Qaibat  Na´mani, page 307)


The leaders of the occultation

Imam Hadi(PBUH) said :

In the occultation of our Qa’im, if there weren’t any scholars and sages who invite people to Imam Mahdi or any defenders of the religion or helper to save unable people from evil’s and enemies’ traps, all people would stop following God’s religion and would become a pagan.

Scholars and sages, who save weak and poor Shia Muslims like a captain who guides a ship, are better and beloved ones for God.

(Al-Ihtijaj, volume 1, page 18)


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The danger of poison penetration and…

In the Apocalypse, people testify by their passion and lust and they govern by tyranny! People curse their fathers and envy their brothers! Partners betray each other in business and the sense of loyalty diminishes! Adultery spreads! Men wear like women! Women leave modesty!

Ostentation gets into the hearts like poison, which penetrates in bodies…wealth will be spent on singing! People get fascinated by the World!

Bihar al-Anwar, volume 52, page 264

When poison penetrates into body, getting poisoned is normal. Therefore, the society can be poisoned like a body! If you want to treat your poisoning, revive your life by removing poison.



Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “O God show me my brothers! The companions said: “Are not we your brothers?!” He said: “No! you are my followers. My brothers are the ones who will believe me in the Apocalypse while they have not see me.”

"God has identified them to me with their names and their fathers’ names before their birth. Remaining religious for them is like holding a piece of hot Tamarisk in one’s hand"

 [Tamarisk tree is very strong and its fire is very much hot and its coal is really durable.]

Bihar al-Anwar, volume 52, page 124


Like prayer beads…

The narrator said: “I asked Imam Sadiq (PBUH) about certain signs of the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi if it will take so long?”

The Imam said: “No, they will happen as a regular string continuously.”

Al-Qaibat Na´mani, page 307


Like diamond ...

You can use “A piece of very valuable multi-carat diamond," in two ways:

Whether you use it as a "precious stone” or as a “calibration weight of scales" which is used in scale instead of a few-gram stone and weigh pepper and turmeric with it! Certainly, the right way of diamond usage is not using it as a calibration weight of scales!

Imam Mahdi (PBUH), this precious jewel, must be in position of “ Command,” and "" Ruling the world” we shouldn’t behave him like this, because he is much more precious than what we think ...


Pith and skin!

Some are just skin and some are just pith! But the skin and the pith must be together so that a seed can “germinate" and be green...

It’s not enough to celebrate the birthday of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) just with illumination and chocolates; these are necessary but not enough, while these are the skin (of celebration), some works should be done for the “deep cognition” along with giving syrup and cakes.


Like iron…

The iron that is used for “pedestrian overpass” is different from the iron that is used in an “ordinary building”!

The Iron which is used in “car body" is different from the one that is used for the “fuselage (aircraft body)”! they test it several times to be very sturdy and have a high melting point!

Imam Mahdi’s companions in the Apocalypse have sturdy and strong hearts like steel because they want to be used on a very great airplane so they will be tested in various disasters and examinations.

Imam Sadiq (PBUH) said: “They ,(the companions of Imam Mahdi)  are the men that  their hearts are like hard pieces of iron and are stronger than stone and have no hesitation in God’s essence.” [Bihar al Anwar, vol.52, page 308}


Paving, rug and carpet

I say in Ahad prayer (dua Ahad): “O Allah renew for him my covenant, pledge and allegiance.” It means first I should commit myself to Imam Mahdi. Then, I should engage in fulfilling my promise. Then, I should convert my covenant to the allegiance.

For example, “Pave here, then cover it with rug and finally cover it with a carpet...”

It is the sign of fortifying it and a better quality.


Costume jewelry

Why do they make fake objects? Some opportunists make similar goods for all valuable goods! Anything that is valuable and has originality, their fake products and artificial ones are made. For example, no one wants to make a 7000-dollar bill; but, they make forged traveler’s checks! Because, one has value for people but the other one has not any value.

Because “Mahdism” is very valuable and has originality, imposters and opportunists seek to come up with forgeries. Like false pretenders of being the “Special Companion or special Deputy of Imam Mahdi and so one.”

«We should be the recognizers the originals…»


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