Imamate (leadership) has to be understood…

Since “understanding the generalities” is the realm of wisdom and “Understanding the details” is the realm of the five sense, normally the intellectual reason can’t be used to prove detailed matters. For example intellect just know two plus two is four and everything happens for a reason.

In Mahdism scope, intellect suggests "it is not only good, but essential to comprehend some issues like introduction, appointment and the existence of a divine guide for humans" but "recognition and verification of the Imam to actual persons" is not something wisdom can do solely, we have to refer to the Quran, the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and miracles of the claimant of Imamate.

In other words, intellectual and logical reflection is a mean to explain that existence of an Imam is essential in every time, but verification of that fact to Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is something else.

(Selected from the book “Adele e aqli e Imamat wa Mahdaviat” (Rational reasons for Imamate and Mahdism); Rahim Latifi)


Where to start with?

To investigate and reason the principle of Imamate, we should first understand Allah and His prophet; because these are the prerequisites for the subject of Imamate. Therefore the information that is uploaded with the title of “rational reasons for Imamate and Mahdism” is on the assumption that we have already investigated, understood and accepted its prerequisite (that means Monotheism, Resurrection, Prophethood and Divine Justice).

This is a list of some “rational reasons for Imamate” that we are going to study later on: Mercy of Allah, purposefulness of creation, the need to an interpreter of revelation, divine grace, the means of divine grace, the issue of perfect human, the regulation of the possibility of highness and… .

(Extracted from the book “Adele e aqli e Imamat wa Mahdaviat (rational reasons for Imamate and Mahdism)”: Rahim Latifi)


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Actualizing grace and proving the existence of Imam

“Actualizing grace” means some actions that the creation would be pointless, absurd and vain if Allah had not done them to people! Like assigning religious duties or appointing and introducing the guardian of religion … These are due to Allah's grace, kindness, mercy and essence; the grace which actualizes and verifies the basis of worship. How:

There is One, full of wisdom, understands the finest mysteries, full of knowledge, Most Merciful and Most Powerful God in the world. Since Allah is “full of wisdom”, therefore He had a “motive” for the creation; He has created the world for humans and humans to achieve bliss.

What does achieving these goals depended on? Allah has given us “wisdom” as the inner proof; yet, because of its imperfections, wisdom is essential for guiding human but not enough! Therefore, besides the wisdom, He has provided us “the path, the plan and the guide” [The path is the religion, the plan is the divine book and the guide is the Prophet and Imam]. Since any book needs some person to describe and explain it, it can never accomplish the duties of the guide!

Also since humans have desires and selfish souls and devils won't stop trying to deprive them from achieving bliss, so the world should not be empty of the proof of Allah in any time; till the world and humans exist, the divine guidance and proof must exist as the guide and leader.

(Selected from the book “Adele e aqli e Imamat wa Mahdaviat” (Rational reasons for Imamate and Mahdism); Rahim Latifi)


Is it possible that he, Imam Mahdi (PBUH), does not exist?!

Undoubtedly, the creation of this world, that is by a full of wisdom God, is purposeful, likewise  mankind’s creation also has a purpose that is “reaching the excellence”, and there is an interconnection between fulfillment of this purpose and “recognizing the path and the guide”.

Is it possible to reach a comprehensive recognition merely through wisdom? Is it possible to understand all aspects of physical, spiritual, personal and social lives of humans? Can we understand the soul, spirit and hereafter only by wisdom? How many times man has set numerous rules and laws which were abolished or changed afterwards due to the flaws and failures!

More importantly, it’s clear that achieving this goal is impossible for a human being who has both wisdom and desire, and authority over his choices for welfare or misery without a guide sent by Allah!

If Allah is full of wisdom (indeed He is), and if He is Glorious and free of any flaws and faults (indeed He is), He definitely has sent a guide to help human beings...


Muqarrib grace and proving the existence of Imam

Muqarrib (causes a person to draw nearer) grace means: An action from Allah for humans that encourages us to perform our taklif (duties) and keeps us from sins. Allameh Hilli says: “Those affairs that don’t deprive our free will but get us nearer to obedience to Allah and keep us from sins are called “muqarrib grace of Allah”.” [Kashf al-Murad, p. 324]

Argumentation :

There are plan and duties to reach the motive of full of wisdom God for creating mankind (meaning excellence) that He provides every requisites for fulfilling these duties; anything that clarifies that plan and encourages humans to perform it.  

 “Appointment and introduction of Imam and a divine guide” are clear examples of His muqarrib grace on us, humans.



Obviously when a society is under supervision of a president and manager who stops them from aggression and selfishness and invites them to justice and equity, that society will be close to well-being and development and away from corruption and destruction. Now, if this president and manager is innocent and appointed by Allah, there will be no doubt in significance of his introduction and appointment.

Prophet is the messenger of Allah and Imam is the protector and guardian of those messages on behalf of him. According to the position of Imamate and its characteristics, the favor of “introduction and appointment of Imam by Allah” will be more understandable.

(Selected from the book “Adele e aqli e Imamat wa Mahdaviat (Rational reasons of Imamate and Mahdism”; Rahim Latifi)


He is around, in the vicinity…

A town full of  tortuous streets, with the demons of the Jinn and the man  … they all work together to prevent you from arriving at your destination!

Suppose someone invites some people to his house and prepares great food and service for them. Although he has given the address, he knows there are charlatans along the way who don’t want those people to arrive at the party and never hesitate to lead them astray!

Considering that, if the host doesn’t send some guides for the guests, his party is definitely pointless! And since God is #Wise, he certainly never abandons people without a guide and Imam…

(Excerpted from the book of “Adelle-ye Aghli-e Emamat va Mahdaviyat” (Rational reasons for Imamate and Mahdism) by Rahim Latifi)


The principle of “imkan ashraf (the possibility of nobler)” for proving the existence of Imam

Preliminary 1: Undoubtedly, the presence of a human who has all the perfections and goodnesses is nobler than other humans who have just some of those perfections. #Preliminary 2: Whenever a possible being is realized which its perfections are less than the other possible being, that nobler possible must exist before it.

Result: Noticing numerous humans who just have some of the perfections, we discover the fact of the existence of Imam [who has all the perfections and is nobler].

Suhrewardi says: “Whenever the meaner possible being (feeble human) is realized, that requires the pre-existence of the nobler possible (immaculate Imam).”

Aristotle: “We should believe in superior world; believing in beings who are greater and nobler.”

(Dalayel-e aqli va naqli-e Imamat wa Mahdaviat (Rational and narrative reasons of Imamate and Mahdism), p. 42-45)


Do you remember that we always said, if the hen born first or the egg?

In one of the earlier messages, we said that: “In the system of nature and creation, if a creature is living in this universe, for sure a more perfect and noble form of it, has already been created before.”

Perhaps, by using this sentence, we could answer that famous question “If the hen born first or the egg?”

Yes! First God created its perfect form (so called hen), then breeding started and reproduction from the source of that first perfect form of creation (hen). In the other words, the perfect form in between animal and sperm is “the animal”.

What has come into existence first and has been created by God`s power, was the more perfect and noble form of creation. This is also streaming amongst supreme creatures (human being). With this cause and effect, we can prove that: “The perfect human (Imam of God) has been inevitably created before us ordinary people.

(Excerpt from the book “The rational reason of Imamate and Mahdism; Rahim Latifi)


Sociological reason

One of the rational reasons of proving necessity and continuity of Imam's existence is the sociological reason with a worldly viewpoint.

Society and human beings need correct law and acceptable ruler to achieve well-being and perfection. So there must be an Imam to fulfill this role. Such an Imam who is in the position of a political governor. Philosophers also used this way to prove the necessity of prophetic mission.

(Kashf al-Morad, Allameh Helli, p324; Masayel Kolli Imamate (Imamate’s Generalities), Allameh Amini, p111-136)


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