Savior Seeking in the Quran

Throughout history, in order to survive the catastrophes, people were waiting for a "savior"! Like Noah who saved people from drowning in a storm! Saving Lot from the city full of lustful people! Saving the Israelites from Pharaohs!

Therefore, due to this, God removed people with lustful life off the history; those who rejected Noah were destroyed! People of Sodom (Lut’s Tribe) were burned by the lightning! And also the drowning of Pharaohs in the Nile…

Therefore this whine of those who wait for a savior “Where is the destroyer of the buildings of hypocrisy and blasphemy? ” has a Quranic root.

Sura/Verse: ash-shu`araa' (The Poets) 169, Yoonus 73, al-Anbiyaa' (The Prophets) 71, al-Baqarah (The Cow) 49


Seeking the Savior in the Bible

Jesus Christ says about the Apocalypse: “Nations will be at war! Famine, pestilence and earthquakes will occur! People will hate each other! The sun will darken and the moon will have no light!”

Matthew, chapter24, verses 1to6

Whatever is said, this prophecy is much scarier than the terrible flood of Noah and the tale of Lot's folk!!! More importantly, humanity must experience and pass through all these calamities so that it can acquire the "merit" of believing in "the belief of salvation"! It is here that God does not get involved directly in "Saving" but sends his messengers to save the believers! Such as sending Moses, like sending Jesus...

Is it not the time for our "Savior Seeking" to get deeper?


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The philosophy of the Jewish Messiah

The literal meaning of the Hebraic term for Messiah is “Anointed”. Israelites used to pour some oil on the Kings’ head and anoint it and therefore referred to the King as “Messiah” and considered obeying him as an obligation. “Messiah” was first the title of the kings and over the time its meaning was changed to the “Savior”

Israelites sought the help of Samuel (the Prophet) during the worst troubles, he anointed King Saul and therefore the term Messiah as “Anointed” was first used for King Saul. But was King Saul really the Messiah (meaning the promised one)? [To be continued]

Savior in the religions, Shakeri, p.36

First Samuel, chapter 24, verse 6


The Concept of Seeking the Savior in Judaism

King Saul was certainly the "savior", however, he was just to save "a tribe" which reached its perfection in the time of David and Solomon and it was the example of what God had promised Israelites; in a way that for all the Jewish scholars, the idea was raised that David’s Messianic government will continue forever.

But some time later, the cohesive government of Solomon, was separated into two pieces! Therefore, David and Solomon’s Messianism would also fade away. From this time onwards waiting for the promised one got longer as the misery and suffering of the Jews grew...

Where is the ultimate Savior and Redeemer? Who is the best person to save the Israelites?


Savior seeking in the words of Isaiah

Isaiah lived 700 years before Christ's coming and used to deal with the issue of the emergence of a “Savior” more than other prophets. In his words, the best instance to save the Israelites was a person named "Immanuel". (Immanuel, literally, means God is with us)

Prior to Isaiah the concept of Messiah and the Savior did not have a universal perspective. But after him "the Concept of Messiah" remained active and Messiah has acquired a global function.

The prophets after him also promised a better future and the advent of a Messiah and an immortal religious government until the light of prophethood reached Daniel (PBUH)...

Isaiah, chapter 7, verse 14


Daniel’s looking for the Savior

The prophet Daniel heartened the Jews when they were in hardship. Daniel’s book is a mysterious book wherein he has weird dreams and Gabriel is the one who interprets them. Its summary is as follows:

The kingdom of God is just and eternal… the son of the man and the divine kingdom will rule over the future world and His kingdom is everlasting. 1 [the son of the man in Old Testament and New Testament respectively refers to the Messiah and the Second Coming of Jesus.

Daniel mysteriously expresses the thought about the promised. After him, another prophet called “Malachi” was also influential in globalization of such a thought.


False Messiah pretenders

The Jew’s history is filled with the passion of waiting for the apocalyptical Promised Savior. From the ancient times till now, hundreds of people have claimed to be the Messiah which has attracted the Israel naive men for a short time.

As an example, several centuries AD, a man named “Moses” was living in Crete islands, introduced himself as Messiah and all the Jewish communities were deceived by him.

One of the famous false Messiahs who died in 1676 AD is Sabbtae Zebi which left an emerging religious sect called “Dönmeh” in Turkey.

“When a false Messiah is fully welcomed, it has one important message showing that people have heard a lot about the savior. The world is waiting for the arrival, but who is the “Promised Savior”?”

The Messiah Idea in the Jewish History, Greenstone, p.53-76


The world in the time of Reappearance in the Jews’ viewpoint

The world will shine by the light of God [1]. If one is sick, the divine nature will command the sun to heal him [2]. The waters will flow form Jerusalem and it will heal any kind of illness [3]. The trees are commanded to bear fruits every month and the humans are healed whenever they eat them [4]. Destroyed cities will be rebuilt and no ruins will be found on earth [5]. Wolf will dwell with the lamb, leopard and lion will respectively sleep with the kid and cow and calf. The infant will place his hand on the serpent’s nest [6]. The death will be faded forever and the God will wipe away the tears from all faces [7].

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The prayer of the Jews in their prayers for the Reappearance of the Savior

Did you know that Jews in their morning, afternoon and night prayers, which have more than 18 clauses,

have special prayer for hastening the Reappearance of Messiah (the Savior)? And a Jew; in both the principles of faith and his prayers is constantly involved with this issue.

Are we behaving like this regarding the issue of the promised Savior who all the prophets were expecting and preparing the conditions for his reign?

The Savior in Religions, R.S. Zavardehi, p.5


The steps of Christ’s Reappearance in the Revelation to John the Apostle

1-Three calls are heard "the call of screaming! The call of the archangel and the long horn” which will be heard all over the world. That's when Christ appears in the sky.

2-The appearance of Antichrist or the fake Christ. He takes the power from the devil. He will utter blasphemy. He will fight with the saints, he will kill believers and his symbol is 666.

3-This step is the period of troubles. Nations war with each other, earthquakes, massacres, pestilence, death of the seas, and destruction of plants...

4-Christ will return to Earth with all believers. God pours from the sky a fire that will perish all the armies of the Antichrist.

5-Christ will reign on earth for one thousand years, and mercy, love, justice, health spreads everywhere.

6-After a thousand years, "the kingdom of the devil" is released from shackles and quickly gathers the unbelievers and plans a war, but will not succeed in this battle.

7-A new world is created and the Satan and the sinners will disappear. (The texts are summarized)

The book of Revelation, Epistles

Ofogh Hawzah, p. 8, year 3, number 23


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