Savor seeking in other religions

Besides (Zoroastrianism, Hinduism and Budism), and besides (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) there are other religions that believe in the “promised person”; religions like «Confucianism, Daoism, Manichaeism and...»

As an example, “Confucianism” is found along with “Daoism” in China. Or Manicheans believe in “Mani” who knows himself Faraghlit (Faraghlit is the person whom Jesus (PBUH) announced his coming).

The Savior in religions, p. 244 & 246


The sacred names of the “Promised Savior” in the books of religions

1. “Sahib” in the Books (Scriptures) of Abraham; 2. “Qa’im” in the 13th Zabur; 3. “Qidmu” in the Torah in the word of Tarkum; 4. “Messiah” (the great Mahdi) in the Hebrew Torah; 5. “The last Mahmid” in the Bible; 6. “The God’s Angel” in Zamzam of Zoroaster; 7. “The Blessed” (Ahmad) in the Kindral of Phrygian; 8. “The King” in the book of Magi;

9. “The Measure of the Truth” in the book of Athari; 10. “The Conqueror” in the book of Azarfarsian Borzin; 11. “The Word of the Truth” in the Heavenly Sahifah; 12. “The Greatest Paradise” in the book of Romans Qibrus; 13. “The Auspicious” in the book of Vishnu joke; 14. “The Victorious” (Mansour) in the book of Isiah; 15. “What is left you by Allah” in the book of Duhr; 16. “The Decisive” in the book of Qantara.

Tanha-Rah (The Only Way), Ahmadi & Farzadfar, p. 110


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Readiness for the Reappearance in the Gospel of Mark and Luke

And about that day and that hour, - not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son- no one knows. Be careful, be on your guard and pray; because you do not know when the time will come! It is like a man going on a journey and left his house; put each servant in charge of a specific task, and instructed the doorkeeper to “keep watch” …

Therefore “keep watch” because you do not know when the “master of the house” will come back… Lest, he may arrive without notice and find you sleeping!!

It is written in the gospel of Luke: “Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning like men waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that when he comes and knocks they can “immediately” open the door for him. Good for “those servants” whose master finds them watching when he comes…”

The Gospel of Mark, chapter 13:32-37; The Gospel of Luke, p. 154, chapter 12:35-37; “Mahdism Textbook”, vol. 1, p. 27


Passion and enthusiasm of waiting for the Promised savior in Judaism

… Though it tarries

Wait for it …

It is written in the Old Testement:

“Though it tarries, wait for it; because # it will surely come, it will not tarry … but gathereth unto him all nations, and heapeth unto him all people.”

Habakkuk, ch. 2, verse 3, 5

Ou khahad amad (He will com), Mahdipour, p. 122


Double standard???

What’s wrong with the Jews??

That’s true that due to intense attachment to the old hopes a few Jews believe that the establishment of the state of Israel is against the messianic aspirations (and the appearance of the Savoir), but most of them have accepted the state of Israel wholeheartedly and know it as the key of the Messianic Age.

Nowadays, after blowing the SHOFAR at the end of the “anniversary of the founding of the oppressor state of Israel” invader Zionists recite: “May the Lord’s will -our God- be that thanks to him, we will be witnessing the “dawn of freedom” and “blowing of the trumpet Messiah” caress our ears.”

On the one hand, seizure, massacre and violation…

On the other hand, Savior seeking …

A companion to great religions. Tawfiqi. p. 102

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Very important and remarkable…

The promise of coming a person beside Jesus Christ is propounded in the New Testament! Who is he?? He is an advocate beside Jesus! Jesus asks his God for his nation and God bestows him to be with them forever. The world neither sees him nor knows him…

According to American Mr. Hux’s writings, the promise of coming a person is given in the Bible more than 80 times which 30 of them are adaptable to Jesus but the other 50 are associated with a savior who appears at the Apocalypse; Jesus will come with him and glorify him, no one knows of that day and hour but God.

O' Allah may you hasten the Reappearance of your Wali (authority- a title of Imam Mahdi)…

The Gospel of Jhon, 14:17; Entezar Quarterly, no. 15, p. 155; Lexicon Bible, p. 219; Yad e Mahdi, Khademi, p. 52


The opinion of Albert Einstein and Russell…

The eminent English philosopher, Bertrand Russell says: “The world is waiting for a peacemaker to unite everyone under one flag and one motto.”

Professor Albert Einstein, the thinker and theoretician of the “theory of relativity” comments as such: “The day when peace reigns throughout the world and all members of human society are friends and brothers to each other won’t be far off.”

Al-Mahdi al-Mouood wa Dafe Shobahat Anho (The promised Mahdi and Elimination of doubts about him), p. 6-7; Waiting for the Phoenix, Translation: Alizade, p. 43


God’s emphasis on the Reappearance of the savior

Darmesteter, in one of the conferences that was held on the occasion of the appearance of “Mahdi Matmahdi (a false Mahdi pretender)” in Sudan – on February 1885 – said:

“Do you know how (Prophet) Muhammad (PBUH) formed his religion? When he emerged, there were three foreign religions in Arabia, in addition to the ancient national polytheism: Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism… The common point which existed in these three religions was the belief in a supernatural being that should appear in the Apocalypse and bring back the lost discipline and justice and make preparations for continual eternity and bliss for mankind.”

Mahdi in 13 centuries, Translated by Jahansouz

Mahdism textbook, v. 1, p. 22


An important example for the “savior believers”

Imagine a ship in the middle of a stormy sea! Granted that the passengers know “there is no surviving coast out to hundreds of kilometers around and they have few amount of food”. What would they do in this situation?

Will they move?! No, they won’t since they believe there is no way to survive! But what would they do if they were sure that “there is a safe coast nearby”? Will they still do nothing?! Definitely not, but they will move towards that destination with all their power! In fact, as there was hope in the human heart, the fear of death will perish! 

Note: “Savior believing” has such an effect.


Savior seeking among Indians

There is a common belief among American Indian tribes that one day the “Savior” of Indians appears and will direct them to the paradise of Earth. Just until the year 1890 AD (about 120 years ago) over twenty types of these movements have been recorded in the history of America.

The book of hokumat-e jahani-e Mahdi (the universal government of Mahdi (PBUH)) by Ayatollah Makarem, p. 59

He will “certainly” come…

If you have followed the messages of “The Savior in religions” so far, you have certainly found that:

In all of these religions, namely Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucius, Daoism, Indian religions, African religions and … “the concept of the promised one” has been discussed and each has its own unique features, but all of them are after answering an internal desire of humans and that is “fulfillment of the desire for salvation”. This is discussed in the teachings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam as well that “the Savior will certainly come”…


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