Intense conflicts between Jews

There is a great deal of common ground between Christians and Jews; that is their historical background

is the same; in fact, the Jewish greats are the Christian greats.

Matthew, chapter 15, verse 17

But is Jesus, the Promised Savior that is mentioned in the books of Isaiah, Zechariah and Daniel?

Some Jews believe that Jesus is the Messiah and Savior, but some of them rejected the idea, and because of that they tortured Jesus and his followers severely! In fact, Christ’s persecution was plotted by the

Jewish priests


The Christian Messiah

The sentence “Jesus will return again” has been the important and the key concept that is mentioned in the Holy book more than 300 times.

In the "New Testament", several full chapters are assigned to the Christian Messiah [Matthew, Chapters 24 and 25; Mark, Chapter 13; Luke; Chapter 21].

Some Treatises have only focused on the importance of this concept such as the First and Second Thessalonians.

The "Revelation of John" is entirely in relation to the events of the Apocalypse.

Many of the key concepts of the "New Testament" are incomprehensible without understanding the concept of the Advent…


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Ridiculing the awaiting people!

In the Second Epistle of Peter we read: "At that time, the belief in the Second Coming of Christ will be ridiculed!" 1

In the Gospel of Matthew we read: "When the Son of Man (the Promised Messiah) comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate the people one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.…” 2

1-Chapter 3, Verse 3 and 4. 2-Matthew, Chapter 25, Verses 31- 33.


The events after the Second Coming of Jesus

John the Apostle insists that “All predictions will come true in the Second Coming of Jesus” so that all signs are conformed with what is brought in the Zabur. In The book of Revelation, the followings are observed.

1. Arrival of Jesus with holy men.

2. The war named the “Majdan well”.

3. Evil’s imprisonment.

4. Holy men will govern.

5. Evil’s freedom after 1000 years.

(But the evil cannot tempt people.)

6. Judgment on the white throne (the Day of Judgment)

7. Apocalypse, termination of physical life and immortality of Jesus and his companions, so we will rejoin God.

We call it “Paradise” but they call it “Immortal life and everlasting living”.

Psalm of David, Chapter 25, verses 3-8.

The Revelation. Chapter 19, verse 11 and chapter 2 verse 15.


The Savior in Islam

The Psalms, the Torah, the Bible…

The only religion whose divine teachings has not been changed and distorted is "Islam." The promised person and savior of Islam for Shiites and Sunnis is called #Mahdi. He is best known as Mahdi.

In this regard, Imam Baqir said: “Rightly he is called the “Mahdi”, because he is led to a secret knowledge.” He will bring the Torah and other Divine books from a cave in Antioch.

The book of “Al Ghaybah”, p. 237; Ilal al-sharayi , vol. 1, p. 161


Mahdi in Islamic sects

Despite their differences, in general, all Islamic sects believe in Imam Mahdi, for example, it is quoted that: "He is the twelfth Caliph of the Allah’s Messenger, Muhammad (PBUH)." (1)

"Jesus, son of Mary descends from the heavens and prays behind him."(2)

The late Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr writes: "We have four hundred hadiths from the Messenger through our Sunni scholars and the sum of  Shia and Sunni narrations about Mahdi (as) is around 2000 narrations, these hadiths  have made Mahdism  so obvious that there is no place of doubt about it ."(3)

1-Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal 92/5; 2-Sahih Muslim Vol.4 page 2234; 3-Bahs Hol Al-Mahdi (Discussions on Al-Mahdi), page 41.


The Savior in non-Abrahamic religions

The religions after Abraham, which are brought for humankind by divine prophets, are called "Abrahamic religions"; Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Abrahamic religions, and great feature of these religions is their having the following notions in common: the Monotheism, Resurrection and Prophecy, so they are also called "Monotheistic Religions".

Religions before Abraham are called "non-Abrahamic", such as Zoroastrian, Hindu, Buddha..., the belief in the Savior and the final Promised person has been in rituals, cultures and non-Abrahamic religions. It is possible to study its trace in East Asia and South Asia (including India, China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam).

The Savior in Religions, R.S. Zavardehi, p. 178


The Savior in Zoroastrianism

It seems the thought of having a “savior” in Zoroastrianism has an older history than other religions. Especially for those who know the Zoroaster’s birthday 6000 or 11000 years before Christ. However, the right quote about Zoroaster’s birthday is approximately 660 years before Christ based on the documentations.1

Achieving the final victory, reaching the world in which people’s wishes are met, overcoming the diabolic and evil forces as well as the descriptions of the savior or the saviors exist in Zoroastrian scriptures. It is necessary to know that there are terms in Zoroastrian texts which have changed in meaning throughout the history. In fact, different interpretations and understandings have influenced these texts.2

1-A companion to great religions. Tawfiqi. p.57; 2-The Savior in Religions, R.S. Zavardehi. p.182


The Savior in Zoroastrian (Saoshyant)

“Saoshyant” means benefit and beneficial. In the book of Avesta, the word “Saoshyant”is used. Other words like Shushyant, Sushians, Sushans, Susyus and Syusush are also written in this book.

Among the books of Zoroaster like “Yashts”, “Bandahish”, “Denkert”, “Zand and Hooman yasan”, “Jamasabnameh” etc …. we can understand the meaning of saoshyant and sushians from these books. For example, in the book named “Jamasabnameh” there is a discussion about Apocalypse.

The treatise of Sushians, Pourdavood, page 8

The Savior in Religions, R.S. Zavardehi page 186


The Reappearance of Sushiant

The last savior who will come to the earth is Sushiant like an illuminated sun. By his Reappearance, the religion will be completed and established. In fact, he can find the solution for every problem.

His period is only 57 years. Keikhosro who has some distinctions and honors, praises the religion, and during that period, he will be the commander of 7 conturies. Sushiant punishes the guilty people.

His period is the period of maturity and growth of human. All bad things and lies will vanish and there will be no illness, death, senility, abuse, tyranny and heresy.

The Savior in Religions, R.S. Zavardehi, page. 201


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