Inviting people towards Imam Mahdi and making him known

Everyone should invite people towards Imam Mahdi as much as his/her knowledge and wisdom and make them intimate with him. Propagating Mahdism instructions is of such acts. The inviter must have practical wisdom as well as methodical wisdom and invite people towards Imam practically, since it is more effective.

One of the Imppeccable Imams said: “A scholar who teaches people their religious instructions and invites them towards their Imam, is better than seventy thousand worshippers.”

Mekyal al Makarem, vol. 2, p. 274

Ayatollah Musavi Isfahani, the writer of the precious book of Mekyal al-Makarem, said:

“(Our duty during the occultation is) inviting and guiding people towards Imam Mahdi and this is of the “most important” and the “most obligatory” worships.”

(Mekyal al Makarem, sec.8)

We should not make our master awaiting…


Expressing Imam Mahdi’s superiorities

In Islamic narrations, believers are persuaded to express Ahl al-Bayts’ superiorities among people.

Imam Kazim (PBUH) said: “Indeed when two believers meet and mention Allah, then they mention our (the Ahl al-Bayt) superiorities, the flesh of the Devil’s face melts till his soul starts begging due to his agony.”

Usul al-Kafi, vol.2, p.188, hadith 7

Imam Sajjad (PBUH) said: “The right of the person who does a kindly act to you is that you thank him and mention his kindness and propagate good words and points about him.”

Tuhaf al-Uqul, p.265


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Writing poetry about Imam Mahdi(PBUH)

One of the duties of the awaiting people, naturally, according to their abilities and talents, is writing poetry or a book about Imam Mahdi’s superiorities and praising him and wailing for his occultation which is a type of helping the religion and the Imam.

Imam Reza PBUH) said: “No believer has written a poem that praises us unless Allah will establish a city for him in heaven, seven times wider than the world and he will be met by angels and every prophet there.”

Wasa’il-al-Shia, vol. 10, ch. 105

A beautiful poem that has themes based on the Quran and narrations:

A chance for an appointment will be provided, for sure.

Never say die, he (Imam Mahdi) will come, for sure.

O thou that seek the remedy for the grief of separation, 

Your hidden pain will be cured, for sure.

If we couldn’t kiss his hand today,

Our promise is postponed to tomorrow, for sure.

Our crying results in laughter on the day of Reappearance,

In that time, everyone will blossom like a flower, for sure.

The long-lasting occultation and the delay of Reappearance,

Are  trials for all of us, for sure.

What’s our- the awaiting people’s- duty? Hope and piety.

Do not grieve; problems will be fixed eventually, for sure.

Whoever is among us- the awaiting people,

 Will ignore the world forever, for sure.

Prophets are waiting for his coming.

Jesus will come behind him, for sure.

He will wear  Imam Ali’s (PBUH)) armor and hold a sword,

The avenger of Lady Zahra (PBUH) will come, for sure.


Arranging and attending the Mahdism meetings

Attending the meetings wherein superiorities and attributes of Imam Mahdi and his noble fathers are mentioned, is of the duties of the awaiting people during the occultation. We should value these meetings and popularize them since it is of the signs of affection for Imam Mahdi.

Imam Sadiq (PBUH) said to Fozeyl: “Do you gather together and quote narrations?” He said: “Yes, may I be thy ransom.” The Imam said: “Indeed I like these meetings; O Fozeyl, revive our command and Allah will grant mercy those who revive our command.”  

Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 44, ch. 34

Note: Undoubtedly, arranging these types of meetings will result in the propagation and spread of the religion …


Obedience to the Imam

Among other duties of the believers whether in the Occultation or in the Reappearance era, is to obey Imam Mahdi (PBUH). This means that imitating Imam Mahdi (PBUH) is fulfilling divine law and the religion of Allah and obeying Imam Mahdi and his noble fathers’ commands is fulfilling orders and laws of Islam.

Imam Sajjad (PBUH) said: “Know that the most hated people to Allah is the one who imitates an Imam’s tradition but not his deeds.”

Usul al-Kafi, vol. 8, ch. 8, Hadith: 312

Also Imam Sadiq (PBUH) said: “Indeed we don’t consider someone as a believer unless he/she is a disciple and adherent to all of our commands.”

Usul al-Kafi, vol. 2, ch. Alvaraa, Hadith 13


Prioritizing the Imam’s wishes over one’s own

True believers should always prefer Imam Mahdi’s (PBUH) wishes and intentions upon their desires, in all times and places. Whenever a believer wants to perform any action he should first consider, if it is according to the Imam’s wishes or not? If it is according to the Imam’s wishes, then again with some conditions he could perform it. These conditions are that, his every piece of work should be directed to achieve the Imam’s gratification and not for his own peace of mind.

The narrator said to Imam Sadiq(PBUH), “O My Lord, I heard a bundle of appreciation about Salaman Farsi from you.” The Imam said, “Don’t say Salman Farsi you should state Salman Muhammadi. Do you know why I talk about him a lot?”  The Narrator answered: “No”. The Imam replied: “Due to his three characteristics”:

1- “He always preferred Imam Ali’s (PBUH) intentions on his wishes.

2- He always loved the poor and respected them more than the rich.

3- He loved knowledge and the scholars...”

Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 22, Chapter. 10


Spending money for Imam Mahdi(PBUH)

One of the duties of people during the occultation is devotion to Imam Mahdi (PBUH) by means of property (spending money). It means that a believer should spend some of his/her properties for the Imam of his/her own time and continue doing it every year and everyone, rich or poor, humble or noble, male or female is the same in this deed. Except for the fact that everyone is responsible according to his/her abilities.

Imam Sadiq (PBUH) says: “There is nothing more beloved to Allah than the Dirhams (an Arab currency) that are allocated for an Imam. And indeed Allah will make the Dirham for him/her (the person who paid it) as big as the mountain of Uhud in the Heaven.”

Usul al-Kafi

Also Imam Sadiq (PBUH) says while interpreting Surah Baqarah, verse 245:

1- “I swear to Allah that this verse is about devotion to (spending for) the Imam.”

2- “Indeed Allah does not ask what people have as a loan, and every right that Allah has, is for His guardians…”

Usul al-Kafi, vol. 1, p. 537

Imam Sadiq (PBUH) says: “Whoever thinks that an Imam needs what people own, he is a pagan. But people need that Imams accepts such donations from them. Allah has ordered to take alms and zakat of their properties and purify and sanctify them.”

Usul al-Kafi, vol. 2


Defending Imam and protecting religion

This defense is possible through expressing, publishing and recording knowledge among the people and a learned person and aware of the facts must express his knowledge and must properly undertake defending religion and Imamate. 

The messengers of Allah states: “If the heresy (the heresy entering the religion which is against it) appears in my nation, then the learned person must express his knowledge and whoever doesn’t do so, the curse of Allah be upon him.

Al-Kafi, vol. 1, Chapter: Al- Beda, Hadith.2

Note: the enemies of Islam, Imamate and particularly Mahdism abound all over the world, God forbidden that we are cursed by Allah and the Holy Prophet because of our negligence…


Don’t be oblivious to the Imam of your era

Somebody asked Imam Kadhim (PBUH) about the “seen and unseen bounty” in the Verse 20 of the Surah 31: “and has made his bounties flow to you in exceeding measure, (both) seen and unseen”. The Imam (PBUH) said: “The seen bounty is the Imam which is present among people. The unseen bounty, is the Imam hidden from sight.” That person asked: “Will any of the Imams become hidden from sight?” the Imam (PBUH) said: “Yes, his body becomes hidden from sight but his memory will not become hidden in the hearts of the believers.”

Imam Baqir (PBUH) has said: “Very indeed, the memory and talk about us (the Ahl-al Bayt) is the memory and mentioning of God.”

Bihar al-Anwar, vol.51, p.150. al-Kafi, vol.2, p.496.

Attention: some duties are not commanded or made obligatory during the period of Occultation but are announced by informing about the manners of the believers of each era. In such duties, the narrations grab our attention to the fact that a believer in each era should pay attention and remember his Imam otherwise his lack of attention shows his faithlessness.


Not to be misled by false pretenders

Imam Mahdi (PBUH) wrote a letter to his fourth Special Deputy before the time of his death and said:

… “You will die till 6 days… So, conclude your affairs and don’t testate to anyone for your succession… In future, there will be some people who claim to see me. Be aware, whoever claims to see me before the Rising of Sufyani and the loud cry from the Heavens is liar and calumniator.”

Kamal al-Din and Tamam al-Nimeh, vol. 2, ch. 45, Hadith 44

An important note: Hence, if someone claims to see Imam Mahdi (PBUH) as Companion or Deputy of Imam Mahdi, is liar. Of course it should be noted that the term “claims to see” which is in this letter is about people who claims to be the Deputy of Imam according to the previous phrase (don’t testate to anyone for your succession), and it is not incompatible with narrations about scholars visiting Imam Mahdi (PBUH).


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