The healing of the paralytic

One of the noblemen had lost his two sons during the Shah's reign. His wife became paralyzed because of too much impatience. She lost her sight and almost her youth as well. In fact, she developed premature aging. She was going to be taken to Tehran in order to be cured. Her husband said: “I saw my wife is going to be taken the next morning and there was no one to take care of my children. I got worried. Supplicating Imam Mahdi (PBUH), I asked God: “Please do me a favor so Imam Mahdi (PBUH) helps us. You know our situation is upsetting...”

At the middle of the night, I saw the lights turned on and I heard some sounds. I wondered what has happened. I came downstairs. My little daughter came to me and said: “Dad! Mom is healed.” I went to see my wife and found her healthy. Her premature aging was reversed, she became young again and her sight was healed as well.” Then, the woman started telling the story herself:

 “I was sleeping by myself in the room. Suddenly, the room was lightened. The holy light of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) came to me and said: “Stand up, provided that you no more be impatient.” I stood up. He went out of the room and I followed him. Suddenly, I realized I’m healthy.”

The woman who had been paralyzed was completely healthy, she recaptured her sight and her youth as well. While we have such a master, it’s a shame not to pay attention to him and ironically, we are all neglectful.

(Jahad ba Nafs (The Battle with Oneself); Ayatollah Mazaheri, p. 432)


Wishing to visit (a touching story)

Zuhari says: “I had the wish to visit Imam Mahdi (PBUH) for years, and I had suffered a lot and spent a lot in this way. But I was not successful at it. Until I met Muhammad ibn Uthman, the second Special Deputy of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). I asked him: “May I visit Imam Mahdi (PBUH)?” He said: “You will not reach your goal.” I was so sad that I fell at his feet. When he saw my condition, he said: “Come tomorrow at early dawn.”

So I went the next morning and saw a young man with such a beautiful face and fragrant smell which I had never seen and smelled before in my life... Muhammad ibn Uthman made me understand that he is Imam Mahdi (PBUH). I asked many questions and Imam answered them and he answered many questions without even asking. Imam was going to enter a room and Muhammad ibn Uthman said: “If you have further questions ask that you will not see him again.” Imam did not pay attention to my question and as the last thing he said:

 “Accursed is, accursed is a person who delays the evening prayer until the stars appear in the sky. And accursed is, accursed is a person who delays the morning prayer until the stars vanish from the sky.””

(Al-Ghayba al-Tusi, p. 271; Bihar al-Anwar, v. 52;)


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The helper

One of the seminary students from Mazandaran narrated: “We set up to go to Gorgan after our curriculum vacations. After getting off the vehicle in Gorgan and taking my family and luggage to the sidewalk, we (my wife and child) were waiting on the sidewalk for another car to take us to the village. In the meantime, a car stopped in front of us and aimed a gun at us.

I was totally hopeless, so I screamed with sincerity and full attention: “Oh Imam Mahdi”. Then the car left without shooting. After some minutes, a patrolling police car reached there and stopped in front of us. One of the policemen in the car said: “Sir, please get in”. We all got in his car and moved on. Then, they told me:

 “We were on our way, suddenly a Sayyed (title for men) stopped us and gave us the address of this place, mentioning that a seminary student along with his wife and child are waiting for a car, so we came. Now, wherever you want to go, we will take you there.” I also told them the whole story and we understood that Imam Mahdi (PBUH) had helped us…

(The devotees of Imam Mahdi (PBUH), volume 2, page 79)


The rescue of Shahid al-Thani by Imam Mahdi (PBUH)

Shahid al-Thani (Second Martyr-Zayn al-Din ibn Nur al-Din Ali ibn Ahmad al-Amili al-Jub’a) was traveling along with a caravan. On the way, they arrived in a place named Ramla. In order to go on a pilgrimage to the tombs of some prophets who were buried in the

famous mosque of Jame Abyz, Shahid al-Thani decided to go there. But the door was locked and nobody was there.

Then, he put his hand on the lock and pulled it. The lock opened by the miracle of God. He entered and started praying (Namaz and Doa). Since all his attention was towards God, he did not notice that the caravan left without him. Then he realized that the caravan has gone and no one was there. He was thinking what he could do. Since his luggage was also on a camel which was gone with the caravan, he started walking to reach the caravan until he got tired and did not reach them and even could not see them from distance.

While being in this tough situation, he suddenly saw a man who was coming towards him, riding a horse. When the horseman reached him, said: “Come and sit behind me”. In the blink of an eye, they reached the caravan. Then the horseman said: “Go to your friends”. And Shahid al-Thani entered the caravan.

Shahid says: “I was searching for that horseman on my way but I did not see him at all. I had never seen him before, too.”

( Najam al-Saqeb, chapter 8, Story 65; page 456)


He is watching and he is attentive...

Everybody's name is their most emotional and personal sign. When our name is called, it brings so much joy and delight to us. Indeed what a joy it brings to whom who hears his name from Allah. Peace and salutation to Abraham, Peace and salutation to Noah, Peace and salutation to Ale Yasin (progeny of Muhammad)...

Imam Mahdi (PBUH) knows all people and especially his Shias well and is familiar with the name of each and every one of them. The record of our deeds is presented to his holy presence every week. Our thought never slips his mind.

One day Ayatollah Baha'a al-Dini told me: "This year in Mecca, in a meeting that Imam Mahdi (PBUH) was present, the names of some individuals were called who were under Imam's grace and Mr. Fakhr was one of them. I approached Mr. Fakhr and asked him: "What have you done to get the attention of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)?"

He cried and asked: "O Mr. Baha'a al-Dini, didn't he (Imam Mahdi) say how this word got to him?" I said: "no." Mr. Fakhr said: "I didn't do anything special, but my mother is Alavi and paralytic and disabled. I have taken responsibility of all her care, even her bath and ablution. I think that serving my mother has caused me to be under grace of Imam Mahdi (PBUH).""

(The book "Mir-e- mehr", p. 8)


The consequence of annoying awaiting people

A Sunni from Samarra, named Mustafa Al-Hamud, was one of the servants of Haram, but he was always annoying the pilgrims and causing them distress and usurping their properties with any tricks. And most of the time he was in the holy cellar at the small platform, which is behind the place of Nasir Abbasi. He knew most of the recitations by heart. He was such a wicked person that used to disturb the attention of whoever entered that holy place and started reciting the Ziyarat and made them notice his nonsense.

One night he saw Imam Mahdi (PBUH) in a dream telling him: “how long do you want to annoy my pilgrims and not let them recite the Ziyarat? Why do you think you can intervene in this matter? Let them free to recite what they like.” He woke up while Allah (God) has made both his ears deaf. After that, he heard nothing and pilgrims became free from his mischief and he was like that until he died.

(The book of “Najm as-Saqib”, p. 473)


The great and eloquent scientist, Hujjat al-Islam Kaffi, quoted: “One of my friends from Yazd wrote a letter to me. He is a good religious man, from the lovers of Imam Mahdi (PBUH). His letter impressed me for a few days, although the same message has already reached many Ulamas (scholars) like late Allamah Majlesi, Sheikh Morteza Ansari, Sheikh Abdol Karim Haeri and etc. He wrote: ‘I came from Yazd to Jamkaran Mosque for forty nights on Wednesdays to pray for a request (Hajat).

The 40th Wednesday night was just two weeks ago. I was tired at Jamkaran mosque and decided to sleep a bit at night and then to wake up by dawn and do my prayers. It was warm in the courtyard. I was sleeping. Out of a sudden, I saw a crowd of seminary students rushing in from the door of the mosque. I said: ‘What’s happened?’ They said: ‘His Holiness is coming.’

I moved forward quickly and happily. I saw Imam Mahdi (PBUH), but I couldn’t go forward any further. His Holiness said: ‘Go to the people and tell them to pray for hastening my Reappearance.’

I swear to God that your prayers are effective; your groans are effective. Imam Mahdi (PBUH) himself has said to the late Allamah Majlesi: ‘Majlesi; tell the Shias to pray for me.’

He sends the message, constantly. Swear to God that his heart is full of pain.”

(The book of “Visiting the Imam of the Time in Jamkaran Mosque”, p. 158)


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