The protection provided by twelve Caliphs

Shiites – and also Sunnis – believe that the prophet has ensured the survival and dignity of Islam until 

the Judgment Day through the protection provided by twelve Caliphs. Sunnis have been incapable of introducing these twelve Caliphs; however, for Shiites, these twelve divine Caliphs are identified. Through studying the history of their lives, it is revealed that unfortunately, "oppressive regimes’ pressure" caused "the birth of the last divine caliph" to happen in secret, like that of Abraham and Moses.  

This form of birth, created doubts; therefore, most of the Sunnis deny his birth. Shia scholars, so far, have written numerous books to prove his birth.


Hadith al-Thaqalayn and the existence of Imam Mahdi

The text of the Hadith: “O people, I am a human being [like others]. I am about to leave you (and go with the Angel of death) …. I am leaving among you two weighty things: these two are “the Book of God “and “My kindred (Itrah): my Ahl al-Bayt”. Indeed, the two will never separate from each other until they come back to me by the Pond (of al-¬Kawthar).Do not overtake them because this transgression will destroy you"

The points of the Hadith al-Thaqalayn:

1-  The Prophet has left “Two successors” after himself to guide the nation.

2-  Both successors will remain until the Doomsday and they will never separate.

3-  Hold fast to them (obey them) to be safe from misguidance.

This hadith has been much repeated in Shiite books and also has written down in Sunni sources including: Sahih Muslim, Sunan Tirmidhi and Sonan al-Darami

Milad , A collection of Articles on the birth of Imam Mahdi, p. 16


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Will the earth remain without an Imam?

One hundred and eighteen Hadiths are handed down to us that the land is not empty from God's Imams.

Allama Majlisi has collected these hadiths in Bihar al-Anwar, part "Al Eztrar ela al Hujja ..."/ and the 

deceased Kulayni also mentioned such narratives in Al-Kafi "Ketab al Hujja".

For example:

Imam Sadiq said: “Steadily on the ground, there will be the God’s Imams”.

Al-Kafi, vol. 1

From Ayatollah Asefi’s article 

The quarterly of “Expecting the Promised” (انتظارموعود), no. 5


12 Caliphs in the Sunnis’ references

Jabir said: “I was with Prophet Muhammad and I heard that he said: “By existence of 12 caliphs, my 

nation’s condition is clear forever.”

Ahmad Ibn Hanbal (A great Sunni scholar) has written in his book of Musnad (volume 5, page 86): “This 

Hadith (12 caliphs) is quoted by Jabir 34 times.”

Other references:

Musnad Abi Awanah, volume 4, page 392

Sharah Sahih Al-Bukhari, Al-Ayni, volume 24, page 281

Fath Al-Bari, Asqalani, volume 13, page 179

From Ayatollah Asefi’s article

The quarterly Entezar Mo’ud, no.5


Twelve Caliphs; twelve Imams

Twelve Caliphs in the Sunni sources:

Jabir ibn Samra said, “I heard the Prophet saying”, "If twelve men rule over people, continuously 

their actions will be done well.”. Then he added another sentence. “My father said that the Prophet said: “They are all from the Quraysh.””

Sources: Sahih Muslim, vol. 6, p. 3; Sahih Bukhari, Kitab al Ahkam; Sunan Tirmidhi, vol. 4, p. 51.

Twelve Imams in Shiite resources:

Did you know how many narratives refer to the fact that there are 12 Imams in Shiite sources? Sheikh Al-Hurr al-Aamili , in the second volume of his valuable book " Ithbat al-hudat", mentioned 927 narratives about the leadership of the twelve Imams, in which the "number" and “the names 

of Imams" are stated explicitly; for example: 95 narratives in Koleini’s Kafi, 53 narratives in Saduq’s Oyoun, 22 narratives in Saduq’s Maani, 92 Hadiths in Kamal al Din,…

Ayatollah Asefi’s article 

The quarterly of “Expecting the Promised” انتظارموعود), no. 5)


The news of the birth of Imam Mahdi

The holy Prophet Muhammad and the Imams have informed us about the birth of a child from Imam Hassan Askari that will be out of sight after his birth. The statistics of collected sayings in the book of "Kamal al-Din" in this regard is as follows: 45 Hadiths from the  Holy Messenger, 4 hadiths from Lady Zahra , 2 hadiths  from Imam Hassan, 5 hadiths from  Imam Hussein, 9 hadiths  from Imam Sajjad, 17 hadiths from  Imam Baqir, 57 hadiths by Imam Sadiq. Total narrations in “al-Kafi, Al-Ghayba, Kamal al-Din,…” books are more than thousand hadiths.

Blameworthy Opponents:

1- The first person who denied the birth of Imam Mahdi due to his ignorance of his birth was   "Jafar" (Imam Mahdi’s uncle). He strongly prevented the circulation of his birth news!!

2- Muhammad Isaf Nashashibi says: “Imam Askari didn’t have any son or daughter.”

According to several sources of Shiites and Sunnis about his birth, not only are these words not accurate historically but also are they originating from bias.

Ayatollah Muhammad Baqer Irawani’s article - Journal of Entezar Mouood, No.5-Milad, collections of articles, page 45.


The first people who saw you…

Forty men of Shiites who had credibility gathered at Imam Askari’s home to ask about the next Imam. Othman ibn Sa'id stood up and said, "O Son of the Messenger of Allah! I want to ask you about something, you are more knowledgeable about it." Imam said, "O Othman! Sit down." Othman was upset and wanted to leave, Imam said:" No one should leave." And no one did so, after a moment, Imam called Othman and said, " I tell you that what you came for?" They said, "O Son of Messenger of Allah!" He said, "You have come here to ask me about the next Imam after me?" they said "yes" at this time a "boy" who was like the moon came in.

Imam Askari said, “After me this boy is your Imam and my successor. "obey him” and "do not disperse" after me because you will perish in your religion.”

Milad, the collection of articles, p.51


Detaining women! Security surveillance!

In the historical books of Shias and Sunnis it is mentioned that Muʿtamid  Abbasi, sent his soldiers to Imam Hassan Askari’s house and captured all the women in his house hoping to find  a trace of Imam Mahdi’s birth.

According to the books such as “History of the Prophets and Kings” (from Sunnis) Muʿtamid  Abbasi in person was looking after Imam Mahdi (PBUH) even after Imam Hassan Askari’s (PBUH) martyrdom. There were intense security surveillance and monitoring measures… 

What had happened that they had strong belief in the Imam (Mahdi) ’s birth? All these historical events are another reason in the existence of Imam Mahdi (PBUH).

The book of “Milad”, The Collection of Articles, page 55


The interesting poetry of one of the famous Sunni scholar.

Abul Fazl Yahya ibn Salamah [died in 551 AD], belonged to Shafi’i religion, is one of the famous scholars in 6th century, probably he is the first one among Sunni scholars who wrote poem and showed his beliefs about Imams especially about Imam Mahdi (PBUH).

O, you who ask me about the love of Ahl-al Bayt  “Should I confess clearly or deny?” It is not possible! Never, the love of Imams is in my flesh and blood. Imam Ali (PBUH) and then Imam Hassan (PBUH) and Imam Hussein (PBUH) after that Imam Sajjad (PBUH) and his son Imam Baqir (PBUH) and Imam Sadiq (PBUH) …... after that Imam Hassan Askari (PBUH) and especially who is going to come after him, which is Imam Mahdi (PBUH) the son of Imam Hassan Askari (PBUH) in whom I believe!

Almuntazim, Ibn al-Jawzi, volume 3, page 183

The book of “Milad”, The Collection of Articles …page 60


They also knew you will return but they lost track. (deviation in Mahdism issues)

“Kaysanites” believed in Muhamamd ibn Hanafyyah’s Imamate. Some people after his death, denied his death and said: “He is alive but he became absent and he has hidden in Razavi Mountain until he will be ordered and will reappear.” In fact, they know him as the awaiting Imam.

“Zeidieh” had heard the narration quoted by Prophet Muhammad: “Mahdi is a descendent of Imam Hussein and he would rise with his sword and his mother is one of the best maids.” Therefore, they believed that Zeid, the son of Imam Sajjad, as the promised Mahdi! He stood up against tyrants and the caliphs of Umayyad and he was martyred in 122 hegira.

“Bagherieh” believed that Imam Baqir will return and knew him as the awaiting Mahdi! Esmaeelieh knew Esamaeel the son of Imam Sadiq as the savior that will set justice in the world.

This was roughly, the story of Navusieh, Musavieh, Mohamadieh and Askarieh

Darsnameh Mahdaviat, volume 1, lesson 6


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