Critical need of the society for the concepts of Mahdism

Feeling of weakness is a dangerous feeling and a deadly poison for a nation. One of the blessings of 

believing in the concept of Mahdism is that the members of the society feel more confident, reassured and powerful.

Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei the Supreme Leader of Iran - 2005

How much have we done in promoting Mahdism (=of or related Imam Mahdi) teachings in the society?


The Occultation is like a prison ...

Imam Baqir said: “His Occultation (Imam Mahdi) has four resemblances to four messengers.... and the resemblance to Prophet Joseph is imprisonment.”

Kamal al-Din, Chapter 32, Hadith 6

Ayatollah Bahjat said: “While the absent Imam can make the dead alive, he is in a big prison. But he doesn’t have this right for himself. While he has special attention to others in case of individual matters, he doesn’t have this attention for social issues which are related to himself.”

In Bahjat’s Company, vol. 2, p. 299

The key of this prison is in our hands...


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Iranians should read…

Imam Khomeini said :

“I dare to say that Iranian people and scores of millions of them in our time are better than the people of 

Hijaz in the era of the Prophet and Kufa and Iraq in the era of Imam Ali and Hussein bin Ali."

Sahifeh-of Imam; vol. 21, p. 410

Prophet of Islam said:

“People of Persia (Iranian people) are from us, Ahl al-Bayt”

An outlook to the rule of Imam Mahdi (PBUH)


An era of prosperity for humans

“We Muslims especially Shias say that “prosperity era” is the era in which there is complete 

justice, i.e. the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi. The first feature of that era for governing is wisdom i.e. in that era science is not a slave and a captive.”

"M. Motahhari"

Islam va Moghtaziat Zaman (Islam and the demands of each era) vol.1, p.50.


The society’s emotional relationship with Imam Mahdi

“It must be said that this "mid-level" emotional relationship with Imam Mahdi in the society, is 

not as it should be. The status quo is much less than desired. This enjoyable wave which is happening in our society because of reciting Nudba Dua is just the beginning, not the end. We are far from ideal point.”

Hojjat al-Islam Panahiyan, the book of “Entezar Amiane Alemane Arefane”, p.65


Important recommendations

Sayyed Ibn Tawus said to his children: 

“In obedience and devotion to Imam of each era, be in a way that God and his messenger, the Imam and his fathers want you to be. When you are performing prayers in order that God grants your requests, prefer the wishes of the honorable Imam prior to yours. Give alms from him more than what you give from yourself and your loved ones. Keep praying for him prior to yourself.

In short, prioritize the loyalty to him in every good work. Because this work will attract more kindness and attention of him to you.”

The book of “Kashf al Mahajja” p. 151


Long for him for the sake of him, not for the sake of ourselves

Is it possible that our chief and master “Imam Mahdi” is sad and we feel happy? He cries for tests and exams of friends and we are happy and laugh, and at the same time, we consider ourselves as his followers? He wants people who are really devoted to him. People who are waiting for the sake of God and for his way are really waiting for the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi, not the people who are seeking their personal needs…

Only finding or seeing Imam is not important, each of us is following his personal needs and does not think about Imam Mahdi.

In Bahjat’s Company, vol.2, pp.276, 267, 26


The difference between the belief in the Reappearance and awaiting the Reappearance

An important issue to consider is the big difference between the “belief in Reappearance” and “awaiting the Reappearance”. Because not only all Shias but also most of the other nations believe in a savior who will bring peace and justice, but not all the people who believe in this are waiting for its fulfilment.

The awaiting person not only believes in Imam Mahdi (PBUH) but also has the hope to see him and all his actions are based on hope and expectation. All the quotes that praise the expectation for Imam Mahdi (PBUH) insist on the necessity of having hope and realizing his reappearance.

Seyyed Morteza Mujtahidi Sistani, the introduction of “Sahifeh Mahdieh”.

This means that the belief and thoughts that we will not see that Beloved Savior in our lifetime is forbidden.


An undefinable world is ahead us.

If adroit artists get together and if they would want to draw the scene of the universe, they could never highlight or reflect the luminence of the time of the Reappearance, the infinite beauty of God could never be reflected in human made mirror.    

The Researcher and prolific writer, Hujataul Islam Ali Akbar Mahdipur. “He will Reappear” page. 13


All together, under the shelter of justice power

We have the hope that an Islamic power, justice power, a power regarding to equity not regarding to war will rise and all humans will be united.

We were assured that, when Imam Mahdi returns, these conflicts will vanish and people will be united and there will be no tyranny or dictatorship.

«Imam Khomeini»

Sahifieh Imam, volume 11, page 298


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